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Local Man: Zodiac Killer Was My Stepfather

Guest SouthernCelt

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Thanks for the link SouthernCelt. I had no idea about this story. It gave me chills down my spine. What a great closure if Torrance's DNA is the same of the DNA the FBI has.

Here is another cool link about somebody that was able to decypher the Zodiac's code:

Zodiac Code

and here is another link:


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Wow, this looks like the real deal. If it's a fraud it's very well thought out. The photographs do look like the guy. The car history is compelling too. The phone calls can be faked. The pictures on the film are probably the key. If the news reports saw them, they could have described a little more. Wow!

"What you do when you think no one is looking is who you are."

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i did a cursory investigation concerning this so called "claim" of authentication and curiously i find there are many experienced "Zodiac students" who are somewhat dubious about the evidence...if it does prove to be for real, then it will bring closure to one of the most notorious serial killers in U.S. history...the fact that the FBI is taking DNA samples is a step in the right direction...

my father, during the Zodiac's "activities" was sent by the U.S. Navy to work, for 48 weeks, on radar guidance issues at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard (since closed) in Vallejo, California, the site of 5 Zodiac slayings. On the rare weekend when the Navy would fly him home for the weekend he would relate stories of just how palpable the fear was. No one ventured out at night without a partner, even rough, tough sailors. For the first time i could remember, my father carried a .38 caliber with him at all times as his work would often times require him to stay well into the night...one story in particular he still tells with alarming clarity, although he smiles about it now...he had a room-mate for those 48 weeks who would occasionally "tie one off" and stumble back to the apartment they shared together. One night, my father was awakened by someone literally busting the door in. He raced downstairs with his .38, and with that hazy clarity that comes from being suddenly awakened thought he was about to come face to face with the Zodiac killer, as if i remember, had just claimed his 3rd victim the night before within walking distance of their apartment...Luckily, as he turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs with gun pointed, he recognized the form on the ground as his room-mate...he had trouble sleeping for the next couple of days as he told me that he was within an inch of pulling the trigger, and my father is a very calm, deliberate man...so thats what brought home his tales of just how the entire city was in the grips of fear..

4th Horseman

"And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Death. Hades followed with him. Authority over one fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword, with famine, with death, and by the wild animals of the earth was given to him." REV 6:8


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Cool story man. That's creepy. I've heard the stories from folks living in NYC during the 'Summer of Sam' and how you could feel it in the air. The tension, the fear, the drama. Your father was right in the thick of it. Makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

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Guest Laurent.

That's a really creepy story 4th!

Concerning the news, if the FBI confirms Kaufman claims, it would make me a bit sad to know that he's dead. The guy was taunting the police; daring them to be smarter than he was... the fact that we had to wait after his death to know his real identity is a bit like if he had won. If someone was to repeat the same kind of operation 40 years later, would we be able to stop him?

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