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New 1013 projects.

Guest Laurent.

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Guest Laurent.

An interesting interview with a member of 1013 staff can be found here. He was interviewed because his first novel made a cameo on M&S's bookshelf in ITWB.

The 1013-related questions:

Jump the Shark: What are your aspirations at 1013? Producing? Directing?

Rotter: I want to produce, and eventually I want to have my own show... create my own show.

Jump the Shark: Tell me about being a credited producer on Chris' new hush-hush movie, Fencewalker. How involved were you in the entire process?

Rotter: I was involved in the process from day one, and on the set everyday. Basically, myself and another producer prepped the movie while Chris was up shooting X-Files. And [Carter] kinda jumped into this right when he got back. I can't talk about it more than that (laughs).

Jump the Shark: Is there anything you're working on at 1013 that you can tell me about?

Rotter: We're working on developing several interesting projects right now... [and no] I can't talk about any of them.

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