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Fight the Future on Blu-Ray

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Guest ZeusFaber

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Guest ZeusFaber

To coincide with the release of "I Want to Believe" on December 2nd 2008 (in the US), Fight the Future will also arrive with brand-new bonus features on Blu-Ray Disc.

Extras include:

• BonusView picture-in-picture commentary by creator Chris Carter, director Rob Bowman, co-producer/writer Frank Spotnitz and producer Daniel Sackheim (separate audio commentary track also available)

• BD Exclusive - Blackwood: The Making of The X-Files: Fight the Future featurette (in HD)

• BD Exclusive – In-Movie Features via BD remote direct access

- Real-time Index (Red Button)

- BonusView Commentary (Green Button)

- Behind The Camera (Blue Button)

- Storyboards and Concept Art (Yellow Button)

• BD Exclusive - Visual Effects featurette (in HD)

• BD Exclusive – Scoring featurette (in HD)

• BD Exclusive - Gag Reel (in HD)

• BD Exclusive - Alternate Bee Sting Scene (in HD)

• BD Exclusive – Theatrical Trailers (in HD)

• BD Exclusive – Still Galleries

• BD Exclusive – Enhanced for D-Box Motion Code systems

• The Making Of The X-Files Movie featurette (1998)

• Original DVD Commentary by creator Chris Carter and director Rob Bowman (1999)


Source: www.dvdactive.co.uk

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Guest Laurent.


It's interesting, but there is not a lot of new material (as was to be expected for a ten years old movie)! I'll have to think about it... and put some moolah on the side!

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Thanks Zeus!

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Guest ZeusFaber
And they're using new logo for FTF. :)

Or the old one, depending on how you look at it! I kinda wish they had stuck with the original movie logo. The placement and font for this one seems a bit bland.

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Guest WaveCrest

I remember when Fight the Future was first released on DVD, in the US a special box edition was released in the US, with what I thought was a red papered script. I read about it I think in the Official X Files magazine, but when I asked about this some time ago, was told that it didn't have this in the Region 1 special box edition.

I might have read that list of Blu-ray extras list before. Is it going to be released on Region 2?

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Guest I Made This

Does anybody know if there are any plans to release Fight the Future on Blu Ray in the UK? I really want to own it badly and my blu ray player isn't multi region.

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