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Back to Frank Black - The Millennium Movie Campaign

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BTFB_Large_Promotion.gifDuring September 2008, work commenced on a promotional campaign entitled Back to Frank Black to gather support and increase awareness of the demand for a Millennium movie. Inspired by the comments of Lance Henriksen and Frank Spotnitz, several of our forum members, led by Laredo (Jim) and ethsnafu (Mark) are creating a website with the assistance and collaboration of other respected fans, with a view to maximizing online interest with downloadable banners and information on who Frank Black was and why he should return. The campaign will encompass a professional, respectful and ethical letter writing campaign.

The campaign website is being sponsored by our forum This Is Who We Are and can be found at BackToFrankBlack.com.


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I love your grin model217, it's nearly as big as mine and whilst we have barely begun we are receiving attention and support and the team is on a 'Frank Black' high.

Do check out the website chaps, it is an effort we are all incredibly proud of and whether or not you support our efforts there are wallpapers, animated avatars and a Millennium Game to enjoy. Even though I contributed to the game I got a stuck on a Lara level, believe it or not, so head on over there if you want to indulge in a bit of Millennium fun. We are spreading the love on Facebook, Myspace and Bebo and efforts will be made shortly to hit as many media outlets as possible as well as Youtube, the Millennium Cast and, more importantly, Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter.

It is not too late to be part of this. People are designing, coding, translating, animating, writing and so on and whatever your skills we can find a use for your abilities.

That said, head over and enjoy the game and someone PM me with the solution to 'Level 3' lol.


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Thanks Graham,

Whilst some of you will know those outside the private forum may be unaware of a few developments that have excited the campaign team this weekend. In addition to the endorsement we received from Frank Spotnitz, Laredo has received word from the man himself Lance Henriksen and I was more than happy to receive an email today from Kristen Cloke (swoons). Just to put the icing on the cake award winning author, John Muir has made us front page news on his popular Blog today.

Sunday has fast become my favourite day of the week :)

Best wishes,


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