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Bless Fangoria for running with it, I'm made up - we couldn't ask for better exposure than this. De-bless Fangoria for getting my name wrong, my fault I guess. 'Ducker' is my nick name due to the fact I have two calf-licks at the back of my hair which are said to resemble a duck's tail. I use Mark and Ducker on my Yahoo Mail address as it is the one I use to converse with chums who all know me as 'Ducker'. Guess I should have pre-empted that. Oh well, a partial 15 minutes of fame lol.

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Done. I'm not too precious to be honest so if stays as it is at least the 'campaign' is highlighted which I guess is the most important thing. Moral of the story: use new gmail address from now on and keep my chum address for my chums :)


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