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Guest Pluto

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I am new here, but I've been a fan since the show's original appearance. I have been active on The X-File forums for years, figured I might as well join this one, too.

I don't know if this topic has been mentioned before, 30+ pages to read through is a lot!

Frank's Coat:

Especially during the first two seasons, Frank is almost always seen wearing a coat, usually that drab greenish one. Whenever we see him without it, was when he was usually at home, or with his family. What a great metaphor for how Frank tried to shield himself from the darkness that he had to deal with, and how he'd never let his guard down. Only opening himself to be friendly to Catherine and Jordan.

I think the same thing can be said about Frank's smile. It is incredibly rare that he would ever smile, except when he was in the Yellow House.

Very smart thinking from the writers, and probably from Lance, also.

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Guest Laurent.

Did you notice (you probably did, but I still want to be the one to point it out hehe) how he usually zips his coat when entering a crime scene? I always thought that was the perfect subtle habit to characterize Frank Black.

P.S. Welcome to the board!!

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Guest RodimusBen

I thought another notable thing about Frank's jackets (even mentioned by Chris Carter in one of the DVD featurettes) is how it changes from season to season. In season 1 he was almost exclusively in the green coat. In season 2 he wore a shorter, waist-length black coat for part of the time (I think he may have even worn a leather jacket briefly but I'm not sure). When I first watched season 2 I remember thinking that the coat was decidedly less "Frank" than the season 1 coat.

In season 3 he moved to another coat, more grayish but also longer and closer in resemblance to the season 1 coat. I always found it interesting how he would button this coat all the way to the top. The season 3 coat seemed symbolic of Carter's return to the show and attempt to steer it back toward his original vision, while also acknowledging that Frank had aged and changed.

Of course, the single most memorable garment Frank wore was that awful, tacky, girly Christmas sweater in "Omerta!"

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I've been searching for Frank's Season 1 coat for almost 12 years. It is the same jacket he wears in Season 3 as well.

Oh yeah, welcome.

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