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Blooper in The Sound of Snow?

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Hi all,

I was just looking through some images from The Sound of Snow and noticed a nice shot of the Ezekiel Drive street sign outside Frank's Yellow House, when he has his flashback.


I noticed that it says 1900, but Frank lived at 1910 as evidenced in several episodes including the Pilot episode when it showed the address on his mail envelope at the end (from the Polaroid Stalker):


Do you think the sign as seen in The Sound of Snow is a blooper or do the signs in the US show the first number of the house in the street?

As I recall (not having seen the episode for a while) it was a flashback sequence about the house so I'm assuming it was showing the sign seen outside.

It gets stranger... on this page of our episode guide which shows several shots of the yellow house taken throughout the series...

This shot shows the street sign (different one to the above?) ...


but this one doesn't..!


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Well spotted! I'm not too sure how the street name/house numbers work in places in the US, but I think there are differences to how it works here, i.e. Frank's house wouldn't be the 1,910th house along Ezekiel Drive. I would assume that the house number on the sign indicates the first in that block from the crossroads except that Frank's house is immediately next to it. I can't recall if there is a significance to the house number.

Obviously the street sign was a prop and presumably they forgot to put it up when filming the episode in the second picture, so I think that must be a blooper.

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All I can is that they must have some very long streets in the US!

I thought the Ezekiel reference was a long known piece of MLM trivia but for now it escapes me. I just looked up Chapter19:10 if Ezekiel and it says:

Thy mother was like a vine, in thy likeness, planted by the waters; she was fruitful and full of branches by reason of many waters.
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Hi Gang,

I know this has got absolutely nothing to do with The Sound of Snow but a friend over at Myspace shared another Blooper with me recently that I haven't heard before. Apparently, as I haven't had the chance to verify this, during the scene in Antipas with the snake the rod used by the snake handler can clearly be seen in the shot.

Mmmmm, I ought to check this out later, Antipas is due another viewing.


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