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A Newly Discovered Hidden "in-reference"?

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Guest JRC

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So, I was watching "Saturn Dreaming of Mercury", tonight, and I came across something interesting.

After Frank, Jordan and Emma leave the police station, the very next scene begins in Jordan's room. The scene actually fades in to a shot of a lamp, and below the lamp are some toy blocks.

Take a look for yourself:


Look at that middle row of blocks. Is it me, or does it clearly spell "CHIP"?

Could this be a reference to producer Chip Johannessen? It's not much, but it seems a little too unlikely to be a coincidence..

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Guest Second Coming

I don't see anything on the blocks the shadows are covering it. Maybe it's my monitor.

Oh wait....I looked really close and I made out a "P". And by looking very close saw the rest of it. GOOD EYE! wow, I think that's the first time that's been mentioned. Good job.

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Well spotted!

Would you mind if I add this in to the transcript when I get round to typing it? Credited to "JRC at TIWWA", if that's OK.

Of course, I don't mind at all. :)

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Yes, I see it, too. A quite blatant reference to the writer of that episode, Chip Johannessen!

Well spotted that man! :thumbsup_big:

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Guest ModernDayMoriarty

Is there a full list of in-jokes anywhere? I know the obvious ones, Brian Dixon as a agent in 'The Fourth Horsemen/The Time is Now', the comet from Space, Above and Beyond (one amongst many SAAB refs in S2), the writers e-mail adresses on the computer in 'TEOTWAWKI', the inclusion of several cuts from the X-File 'Fire' in 'The Sound of Snow', the mention of Beyond the Sea from the X-Files in 'Goodbye Charlie', Watts speech about the American fascination with Elvis and Aliens (Fox Mulder is a follower of both), the agents on the stairs in '522666' (or Lamentation, I forget now), Darin Morgan's sniping at S1 MLM by saying Chung 'wrote dark stories about depressed people - who wants that?' and the image blitz scene that gently scathes S! violence (all the images are S1 shots and blatantly designed for shock value alone, hence Morgan's insistence that S1 was flawed). These are just the ones I can think of off-hand.

Any good ones I have missed (that you think I might not know as I know a lot more than I've put down here).

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  • Elders (Admins)

Hi, that's an interesting list, can you create seperate topics for them so that they can be discussed seperately and include images where possible?

A great start to this new forum!

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