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Two different Region 2 Cover Designs

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Guest WaveCrest

There's that many different threads for the S1 set on R2 so it's picking which one to post this in. Just been to a R2 site called R2dvd.org for any new news articles and I saw one for Millennium. This linked page has a big version of the cover artwork, this the first I've seen with the certificate given by the BBFC, which I don't think was too much of a surprise:


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I've split this off from the pre-order thread into a new topic.


Yes that's the R2 cover design but with 18 certificate, it's the same version design that is shown on the UK Amazon site for example.

Compare it to the non-UK Europe R2 pictured at MDUK posted in May...


Actually that was the Netherlands release as I recall. They are slightly different if you start looking closer. Good spot!

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