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Franks Season 1 Watch

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Guest Watts

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After learning that Frank wore an Omega Seamaster in Seasons 2 and 3, I decided to track down the wrist watch he wore in Season 1.

Lance Henriksen went out and purchased the watch on his own before filming started. He already had an idea of what type of watch his character would wear. Something tough, something rugged, a big watch.

Here is what I found. Franks season 1 watch is a circa 1995-1996 Citizen Aqualand Promaster. An similar version is still available today with only slight cosmetic changes. The Promaster's from the late 90's with the gold accents like Frank's are no longer being made.

Here's screen captures of Franks watch-



And here is the watch I found. No doubt about it, Frank's is a 'vintage' Citizen Aqualand Promaster!


The back of the watch has the following numbers-

C023-089405 Y GN-4-S Japan and PROMASTER CITIZEN and a serial number.


This is the version still available today, although it may have been recently discontinued as well-

Note the further cosmetic changes to the hour markings, bezel & LCD display and lack of gold accents-


Details of the watch-

-Electronic Depth Sensor

-Maximum Dive Time and Depth


-Elapsed Time Indicator Bezel

-Water-Resistant to 200 Meters



-Daily Alarm

-Low Battery Indicator 101

-Continually Displays Depth

-Convenient Safety Backup

-Ease of Reading Time

-Easy to Set and Monitor

-Professional Divers Watch

-Safety Feature to Lock Out Dive Meter System

-The diameter of the watch measures at 40mm without crown and 50mm with crown.

-And it strap lug measures at 24mm. Where as for the thickness measures at 14mm.

A rugged, uncompromising watch for a rugged uncompromising man.

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Thank you V. It's my gift...

I love doing the research armed with only screen captures and a hunch. It's fun. I'll see if i can write up another one for his Omega.

Obviously Frank got a considerable raise from the Millennium Group. His Season 1 watch was probably a $300 watch and the Omega runs about $2000+.

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Great article Jared!

I believe, and ask to be corrected, that the Season One watch cost him around $500 and despite being a successful actor at that point he describes it as the last $500 he and his wife had. A bold move considering.

Best wishes,


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Here's the interview where he talks about the watch- the $5000 watch was the Omega. I believe the Citizen was no more than $300.

"When I was gonna do the pilot, my wife Jane and I went to a jeweller and found a watch that was perfect for the role. It was an Omega, a 'Sportsmaster Professional' -the one they went into space with. And it was like $5,000. And I said, 'Are we crazy? What if the pilot doesn't go? We're spending our last $5,000 on this watch?' So we didn't do it. Instead, I bought a lesser watch with a big face on it, [which] was still in the ballpark of Frank Black. But in the second season - without ever saying anything to them - Omega came to me and offered this watch to use, because [the other watch] was featured a lot in the first season. And guess which watch it was? The same watch. And that kind of stuff has been going on all the way through."

Edited to add-

I just bought this vintage Citizen Aqualand on Ebay, identical to Frank's.


Will post pics when I receive it.

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Outstanding research Jared! I have to agree, you have an amazing amount of patience and determination which has clearly paid off!

Fantastic information indeed. If you are interested, I would like to add some pages to the episode guide accordingly as I'm sure many fans for years to come will find this trivia fascinating and useful.


I just did a quick search on Ebay and found that there are lots of watches for sale similar to this type. Is there a model number that you are aware of and also what does ND LIMITS mean on the strap? Something to do with diving limits?

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ND Limits means "No Decompression" limits. I don't know the model number of the watch yet but I will once I receive it. I will update this page after I get the watch in my hands and then it should be ready for the episode guide.

Glad you like it! Thanks.

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