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I just got back from seeing the Two Towers. Although it was pretty great, it was a little disappointing in terms of following the book. Many of the changes seemed arbitrary at best.

Brad Dourif was excellent as Grema Wormtongue, but his make-up was a little excessive.

The opening scene was great as well. I thought it was the perfect way to start off the movie.

Don't read below if you haven't seen the movie...

I'm really curious why they deviated so much from the book and decided to let Shelob appear in the Return of the King. I eagerly waited for a year to see her, since books 2-4 are my favorites out of the entire novel. Another year of waiting begins now.

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........just saw it tonight and i looooooved it very much!!!though i agree with you reagrding the fact that it deviated from the book a bit i thought the changes,and i'll have to see it again a few more times to cement this opinion.......or not,sort of made more sense cimenaticly in that the last movie will give fans even more to look forward too. but as i said 'll to view it again as i am not sure i remember all the details of the book in the correct order. hell,i'll probably just read the whole damn brilliant thing again after the holidays are over.-(one can never read "LORD OF THE RINGS" too many times in my view :;): )

            ~great great movie,though:**** out of *****,

                                       ~DAVE :ouro:  :santa:

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