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I'm Bill. I've been visiting this forum for the last couple of months, even posted a bit, but realized I never made an introduction. I'm a new Millennium convert. I heard about it when it was new on Fox from a friend of mine, but never had time to watch it back then due to travelling to SCA events and other things I had going on.

I always loved X-Files so I decided to get DVD's and start watching, now. I really love the complexity that Millennium has and how it is so dark that it sometimes makes the X-Files seem like Everybody Loves Raymond.

I'm 2/3 through season 2 right now... just watched Owls, Roosters, and Siren last night.

Seems like a great forum!!!


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Society for Creative Anachronism? Well . . . isn't that slicker than a snotty marble? Welcome friend. Owls and Roosters are well done episodes. Enjoy the rest of the viewing and look forward to hearing of you in the future.

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