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The following members of This is who we are have been nominated by our Elder Staff Team to receive the new TIWWA Honoured Member award, having been recognised for their role in supporting Millennium and TIWWA beyond the call of duty, both in the past and the present, and their continuous dedicated commitment to the Millennium fan community in general:

  • <O> (Anthony J. Black) - Co-founder and executive producer of Millennium's Fifth Virtual Season fan fiction.
  • Dan Owen - Co-founder and executive producer of Millennium's Fourth Virtual Season fan fiction.
  • High Plains Drifter (Joe McBrayer) - Dedicated and long standing member of TIWWA who looks after our Kolchak The Night Stalker forums, contributed to the Millennium Apocalypse series and is currently producing the proposed 6th virtual season of Millennium fan fiction.
  • James McLean aka Jim - Co-founder and totally dedicated co-director of the Back to Frank Black Campaign, at BackToFrankBlack.com.
  • Matta2k - owner of the MillenniuM Compendium, formerly the MM FanFiction Website; executive producer of Millennium's Fourth Virtual Season fan fiction and writer of the Millennium FAQ.
  • MovieMaker (Jason) - Co-founder, executive producer and director of Millennium Apocalypse, a successful contribution to the Millennium world and for fans of Millennium!
  • SouthernCelt (Wayne) - one of longest standing and still active members who has posted over 2600 posts, dedicated to keeping us up-to-date with the world of the paranormal, weird and downright odd.
  • Watts (Jared) - one of most recent but immensely dedicated forum members who has gone out of his way to share his in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm of Frank Black's clothing and watches, write articles and show us with detailed illustrated guides how to preserve our Mark Snow autographed Millennium Soundtrack booklets and poured his support and dedication into the Back to Frank Black campaign and all things TIWWA.
  • ZeusFaber (James Jordan) - Co-founder and executive producer of Millennium's Fifth Virtual Season fan fiction, who dedicated dozens of additional hours populating the Behind the Scenes Virtual Season 5 blog at TIWWA with hours of professionally written content.

All of these members have been moved to a new Member Group which has increased posting rights, 25MB of global upload attachment space, room for 500 storable Personal Messages and they will only have to wait 5 seconds between posts and searches. Our TIWWA Honoured Members will now also have the right to display a special graphic, the 'TIWWA Honoured Member Scroll' kindly designed by our very talented Ethsnafu, next to their posts and in their social profiles:


Warm regards,


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Top Posters In This Topic

Wow thanks! What an honor to even be considered! All of you here are such nice people and a wonderful community to be a part of. I personally want to give a round of applause to each and every member here. No matter where we're from, no matter our age or gender, we all have at least one thing in common, our love of 'Millennium'.

I hope 2009 is the best year ever for TIWWA, and (fingers crossed) the year we see the return of Frank Black!

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My profound congratulations to each and every one of you who are all so deserving for the reasons Graham has listed. I am so happy I have visited my brother today as AOHell won't let me access TIWWA and I would have missed this had his internet connection not come to the rescue. Sadly I only have a cup of coffee to toast you all with but toast you I will.

Best wishes,





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Guest Jim McLean

To coin a phrase - I'm honored. Figuratively and literally. Thanks. I wondered why I was purple. I'm touched. I'll wear my scroll with pride!

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Congratulations to all of you! :notworthy: It´s good to see people with such a dedication, keep up the good work.

Alex :ouro:

"We worry...we wait...who´s gonna see a different future?"
Frank Black

"Are you aware how often you use negative associated words?"
"No, I don´t neither."

Jose Chung´s Doomsday Defense

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Congratulations to all.

Computer deaths and very long hours on the other side of this world has prevented me from exploring all your great work, till now. Thank you for sharing.


kai to fwV en th skotia fainei, kai h skotia auto ou katelaben.

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