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Music at the end of Anamnesis

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Guest sanmarcos

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Guest sanmarcos

Does anybody know what is the artist behind the chants at the end (title credits) of Anamnesis 2x19?

I can provide a sample if necessary


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Hi, welcome to This is who we are!

I always get excited at the prospect of a new musical discovery in Millennium, even after all these years it still happens.

Are you referring to this scene, right at the end of the episode:

[Lara Mean's home – night. A lamp illuminates the paintings hanging on the wall: Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, holding her newborn son. Lara is sitting on her couch in woeful silence, watching a flickering candle on the table in front of her.]

CLARE: (V.O.) "And thus, from age to age, she passed from body to body, into one female body after the other. Thus, she became the lost sheep."

[Lara's pager vibrates on the table and it spins itself around. The display shows: 2000.]

[fade to black]

[end titles]

Its possibly part of the episode's composition by Mark Snow, I would have to hear it again. Our Episode Music Guide features only one entry for this episode, the obvious Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith.



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Greetings friends,

It is indeed a Mark Snow composition, as Graham mentions the only other music featured in this episode is the magnificent Dancing Barefoot. The next time you watch this episode refresh your memory about "Tubular Bells – Theme From The Exorcist" and listen to the Snow compositions that run through most of this episode. It may just be me but they sound directly inspired by Mike Oldfied's composition, if they aren't they are pretty close to it by a happy accident. It would make sense to me as both tales deal with a young girl inhabited by a spiritual entity, albeit rather different ones at that.

Give it a try,


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