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X-Files Four CD Set Confirmed By Snow - Spring 2009

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Guest LeHah

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From the FSM-Forum:

As a lot of you know, we're working on a special, limited edition 4 Disc Box Set of Mark Snow's amazing music from The X-Files. This is a joyous, yet mammoth undertaking, as you can all imagine. La-La Land, along with Mr. Snow, have narrowed down a selection of episodes that represent some of the very best musical moments from this beloved series. Some of the episodes on this list may not end up musically represented on the project, but we felt we wanted to share with you the overall pool of episodes we are focusing on.... a sneak peek at our process, if you will.

We are doing this because we'd like to ask you all, the fans, if there are any musical moments from episodes NOT included on this list that you are passionate about. While we can't promise your suggestions will end up in the final assembly, we will certainly take them into very serious consideration -- and remember -- if this set sells well, more will follow, and this makes your suggestions all the more important for future X-Files releases!


Season 1:


1x09 Fallen Angel

1x12 Beyond the Sea

1x15 Young at Heart

1x16 E.B.E.

1x22 Roland

1x23 The Erlenmeyer Flask

Season 2:

2x01 Little Green Men

2x02 The Host

2x03 Blood

2x05 Duane Barry

2x06 Ascension

2x08 One Breath

2x12 Aubrey

2x21 The Calusari

2x23 Soft Light

2x25 Anasazi

Season 3:

3x01 The Blessing Way

3x04 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose

3x09 Nisei

3x12 War of the Coprophages

3x13 Syzyey

3x15 Piper Maru

3x18 Teso Des Bichos

3x20 Jose Chung's From Outer Space

3x24 Talitha Cumi

Season 4:

4x03 Home

4x05 The Field Where I Died

4x08 Paper Hearts

4x12 Kaddish

4x15 Memento Mori

4x20 Small Potatoes

Season 5:

5x03 Redux II

5x04 Detour

5x06 Post Modern Prometheus

5x12 Bad Blood

5x14 The Red and the Black

5x17 All Souls

5x20 The End

Season 6:

6abx02 Drive

6abx03 Triangle

6abx04 Dreamland Part 1

6abx05 Dreamland Part 2

6abx08 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas

6abx10 SR 819

6abx11 Two Fathers

6abx12 One Son

6abx20 The Unnatural

6abx21 Field Trip

6abx22 Biogenesis

Season 7:

7abx02 The Goldberg Variation

7abx03 The Sixth Extinction

7abx04 The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

7abx05 Millennium

7abx14 Theef

7abx17 All Things

7abx18 Hollywood AD

7abx22 Requiem

Season 8:

8abx01 Within

8abx02 Without

8abx14 This Is Not Happening

8abx15 Deadalive

8abx21 Existence

Season 9:

9abx05 4D

9abx15 Jump The Shark

9abx16 Release

9abx19 The Truth Part 1

9abx20 The Truth Part 2

Also, the release of the box should be coming around July.

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Fantastic, the music from XF: Millennium is on there. Consider me happy.

Any further news on The Lone Gunmen release Alex? I had hear it was soon but nothing since then.


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Guest Laurent.

Thanks a lot for keeping us updates! I sure hope this isn't a limited edition. There will surely be a lot more demand for this than there was for the Millennium release.

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Guest WaveCrest

Many thanks for this great update! :thumbsup: I'll be keeping an eye on La La Land Records' website!

Where do we post/email suggestions for any XF episodes not in the list above?

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I don't think we'll get the chance to influence the content to be truthful Richard. When you consider that there were 67 episodes of Millennium and only two discs of material were released with the assertion that what had not been released would remain as such, I think you just have to take what they are offering.

It's a shame as I would love it all but from reading above, my 'must haves' are pretty well catered for so I'm happy.

4-D was one I was sure would get overlooked and I'm stoked it's there. It's one of my very favourite episodes.


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Guest WaveCrest

I'm very pleased Release is included as I thought it was a highly underrated episode from an unfairly criticised ninth season.

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Since there is no other hint in the FSM-Forum, I guess suggestions can be made directly on La-La-Land´s website. Not to spoil anything, but the listed episodes are the ones that are considered to be included, of course there is no guarantee that they really will and also you can´t cover all those episodes in one 4-CD-Set. As mentioned, if it should sell well, then more sets will follow, so it could be, that the first set will only cover the episodes of the first two or three seasons. Until this point, it´s not clear, if the set will be limited, but I guess La-La-Land will stay in touch.

Concerning the release of Lone Gunmen/Harsh Realm on cd, all I know is that Mark Snow recently listened to the master tapes, that came from La-La-Land, so my guess is, that these two will be released before the X-Files, probably not seperately, but I hope for at least a two-cd-set.

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MV Gerhard from La-La-Land-records also said, that they are planning to release the set in July, La-La-Land named the release date 20th of July before, but not in connection with the X-Files, they just said that on this day they will release new CDs, so if everything comes into place, the Box-Set could be out on this day, which also matches the start of the Comic Con in San Diego, where the set could be presented. The retail price, also according to MV, will be 59,95 US-Dollars.

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