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The Old Man

Lance Henriksen night on BBC1!

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Hey, everything is going Millennium Crazy at the moment!

Last night I couldn't be more suprised to see 2 Lance Movies back to back on crappy old BBC1 here inthe UK.

He was playing dirty too, first of all in Hard Target with Jean-Claude Van Damme then playing a bent Police Captain in Exessive Force. I hadn't seen that one before.

I don't like seeing him playing other roles as much as Frank Black if you know what I mean! An Actors got to eat though right?

Boy was he having fun with his role winding up Van Damme!

Graham. :cool:

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I love watching Lance in Hard Target (while imaging, in my mind's eye, that he's facing James Bond rather than Jean-Claude).  As you say, you can tell he absolutely enjoyed performing in the role and he does a phenomenal job with it.  His acting makes that movie.  I'd also rank that as Lance Henriksen's best death scene, and that's saying a lot as he's had some of the most spectacular, bizarre, and gruesome death scenes of anyone in the business.  That instant when he realizes he's just sparked off the grenade fuse is priceless.

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I totally agree Dix! That scene cracked me up completely! :)

He would make a perfect adversery for 007, with doubt. I can just imagine it. What a triumph it would be for his career too.



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