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Second Coming

My wife has discovered the goodness that is MM

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Yes, that's right. My wife has discovered MillenniuM. She's seen me watching a few episodes and asked what it was.  I never asked her to watch it with me because I thought that she would find it too brutal and disturbing. She sat down with me when I was watching "Weeds", the episode where the guy is kidnapping people and making them drink blood. I kept waiting for the "this is disgusting response". But it never came. Then the next night she came up to me and said "Can we watch one of your Millennium episodes?" I said sure. She said "I like it, it's better than the X-files. It's more real." I was shocked. This coming from a girl who watches Lifetime religiously.  So then we were watching "Force Majeure" at 1:30 in the morning and she said "This is too late for me to try and think like this." It was great. Hopefully MM will save her from her shallow Lifetime movies.  :grin2:

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LOL! My partner has seen a couple of episodes too and went the way you thought your wife would...

She likes some aspects of the show but I feel it's wasted on her...  :down:

Perhaps it's time to upgrade her for a new model! :tongue:

Ouch!  :cry:


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My girlfriend enjoys MM too. We discovered the series at the same time and have watched each and every episode together since. I think she enjoys mainly the fights of Frank, may they be against the Group or against Evil/injustice/fate in general. She seems very sympathetic to him and his problems. She has never been rebuked by the violence for she knows quite well that all that is far too plausible! But I am not sure that she enjoys the mystic aspects as much as the psycho or police aspects. This is were we get complementary to each other!!!


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