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General reminder for all members, old and new.

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The Old Man

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Dear TIWWA Members,

This is a friendly, general reminder to all of our members, both old and new, on the subject of illegal downloads and copyrighted material.

If you receive inappropriate PM's offering links to illegal downloads, products or general spam, please report them to a member of the Elder Staff Team for us to investigate.

Similarly, please do not use the Report feature or the PM feature to spam members or staff.

If you are uncertain of which content is appropriate or inappropriate to post in the forums, your blogs or via PM, then please read our Board's Guidelines, especially the sections on posting links to illegal downloads or advertising illegal content.

As we continue to strive to maintain links with the film and television industry, such messages are not helpful and we maintain our policy to promote only legitimate and licensed material relating to Millennium in particular. The PM (personal messaging) system is available for the benefit of all members and is not to be used to 'bypass' the attention of our website staff.

Our Staff members do not automatically jump on posters who mention downloads without due consideration, as we are aware of the availability of legal downloads these days, for instance via Amazon's Video on Demand service, BBC iPlayer, Sky Player and television channel online catch-up facilities, not to mention legal downloads of MP3's etc. However we will remove blatant links to inappropriate material and will take action to warn and ban repeat offenders who ignore this advice.

We are tolerant and emphatic of members who are do not speak English as their first language, who may not have read and fully understood the Board Guidelines, but the same rules and guidelines apply to everybody.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff who will attempt to assist you.

Thank you for your understanding,


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