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Saturn Dreaming of Mercury Script plus numerous call sheets

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I'm new to this forum and was also a huge fan of the show! I had a cousin who worked on the Millennium set in Vancouver and she was able to get some scripts, call sheets for me since she knew I was a huge fan. Anyway, I've had these things for years and although I never stopped being a fan, I'm now looking to sell these items for someone else to treasure. If anyone is interested, please pm or email me and I'll be glad to take and send photos and list exactly what it is i have.



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Guest Laurent.
BEER---> HMMM, I sense a marketing ploy here.


And that's bad? You know, for a guy that has been belching at the end of every single comment for 6 years, you've taught me a lot of vocabulary. So, I searched the meaning of ploy, and I get the idea. But does that mean that you don't believe his story?

Anywaaay... how much is a script usually worth? I know The X-Files fanclub sold them pretty cheap.

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Hi guys,

LOL it is a hardly a ploy of any kind, a ploy suggests a certain amount of deviousness, this chap is openly stating that he has memorabilia from a family member who was part of the Vancouver crew that he would like to find a new home for. Can't see any covert calculations or deft manoeuvres in that?

Anywaaay (you have should have trademarked that Laurent ;)) I have no idea what a script would be worth, Lance's scripts complete with his hand written notes and so went for about £200 I believe, obviously they had a massive added value attached in that they were his. I suppose it comes down to what they're worth to the individual selling and to person who wants them, haggling isn't one of my stronger points at all.

I'd love to see some pictures of these, in fact, I'm sure we all would. Averie Maddox kept everything from her time on the show, call sheets, canteen menus, you name it. I know Samaria Graham kept the contact lenses she used in Human Essence, Jeff Parise kept the glow sticks they were given during a power cut, imagine getting your hands on these and more. Oh well, here's looking forward to seeing some images and welcome to the forum by the way.

Best wishes,


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Hi Folks,

No ulterior motives here. As mentioned, my cousin worked on the set and she mentioned that I was a big fan of the show. Some of the people on the set gave her some call sheets with maps for shoot locations plus a script or two. Who's script it was I have no idea. It was just really neat to have considering the show was best thing I had ever watched in my life. To most people however, these might simply look like a pile of tattered papers destined for recycling. Anyhoo, I'll put up some pics tonight and you be the judge...



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:hiya: Welcome Gazoo ! ! ! I look forward to chatting with you sometime.

You guys never cease to amaze me. Every time I read your posts I have a smile on my face. For example, this reply from Laurent to Beerbelch brought a chuckle.

for a guy that has been belching at the end of every single comment for 6 years

LOL, thank you.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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Guest WaveCrest

Hi Gazoo. Absolutely fascinating...and I mean that in the non-sarcastic sense. Now to some people this kind of MM memorabilia would look boring. I find it interesting stuff.

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