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The Chris Carter Effect?

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Hi Angel,

It is indeed and the home of the famous film festival to boot. Allow me to tell you the potted history of the legendary (yeah, right) campaign T-Shirt. Many moons ago, Jim and I had the inspired idea to get made a single campaign T-Shirt bearing the address of the website, I cannot recall for what reason we had it made, save to say our plans didn't come to fruition and it never got used. Said T-Shirt, costing the princely sum of 15 Great British Pounds has languished in my wardrobe ever since. There were a number of things we thought we might do with it over the months but, again, they never came to pass. Thanks to Brett Hall, his Public Relations Manager has agreed to take the T-Shirt to the film festival for a bit of blatant self promotion so hopefully that's where it is as we speak.

I got it made at one of those, design your own T-Shirts websites so it is nothing special but I'm glad we finally found a use for it after all this time.

Best wishes,


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Guest RodimusBen

Earthnut, I have not been around for a while, and I love your signature.

On the original topic, I think the article is right that the constant changing of producers didn't help the cohesiveness of MM, but that doesn't mean the show couldn't have satisfactorily resolved itself with another season. With MM, even though there is a long-term story arc, I think you have to take each episode at face value to enjoy it.

X-Files had the opposite problem, in that it was prolonged probably three seasons longer than it should have been due to its popularity. When Duchovny wanted to leave, the network should have agreed to let the show wrap up on its own terms.

It's always a gamble to introduce extended story arcs in American TV shows because there is never a guarantee that a show will last long enough to resolve everything neatly. Carter is certainly not the only example of this and the article points out many others.

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