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BTFB Perry Lang Interview

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For fans of Millennium, Perry Lang will most likely be known for directing the season two episode, Monster. In the wider sense, Perry is a director, writer and actor who has contributed to countless series' and movies both in front of the lens and behind. Considering how busy he is we were delighted when Perry agreed to take time from his schedule to speak to us about the genuinely unnerving experience that is, Millennium 'Monster'.

Visit our Blog to check the interview out and, if you enjoyed it, please leave us a comment or two!


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Guest Laurent.
BTFB: A vast portion of the people we have spoken to have espoused warm memories of their time with the cast and crew of Millennium, aside from the technical side of your job as the episode's director, do you recall your time fondly with regards to meeting Lance, Kristen and the rest of the cast and crew?

PL: I was happy, in that particular case, to move on to something else.

That was awkward... no?

In any case, I'm surprised that he likes moving so much between different projects. To me, the creative fun of television, is to follow the development of plots and characters on a longer scale. With that in mind, a "director for hire" might as well stick to publicity and music videos...

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  • Elders (Moderators)

Yes, that's a very strange response, especially when combined with his other remarks:

I don't believe I actually even saw the episode.

I'm glad you've found something (maybe something I never saw) in the show ...

I would have thought that at least he would have been involved with or seen the final edit. On the other hand, he did respond to the request for an interview; why would he have done that if he didn't like his experience on MM?

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Hi Libby and Laurent,

I couldn't agree with you more, all those comments made me cringe a little when I read them, especially his response to my enquiring after his thoughts on Lance and Kristen. I actually emailed Jim straight away when I read it and his reaction was the same; 'ouch'. There have been a few interviews I can think of where someone has deliberately avoided answering certain questions and you are left to wonder or read between the lines, unfortunate I guess.

We did speak to another individual who really did not enjoy their time on Millennium, for all sorts of reasons, but still granted us an interview as they did appreciate the fans if not the show. I'm assuming Perry took a similar stance regardless of what he may or may not have felt about Millennium. I actually did debate with myself whether or not to run the interview because of the ambiguities but, when all said and done, the names do matter and our list grows ever longer so I feel the good balances the little bit of bad.

That said, those who absolutely adored the show, the cast and the crew far outweigh the minority who may not have had the best of experiences on Millennium. I spoke to Mary-Pat Green (Sonny from In Arcadia Ego) yesterday about an interview and she is such a lovely, warm and friendly lady who just gushed about the experience as have pretty much everyone else we have contacted.

Thanks for your thoughts by the way, we really enjoy reading and discussing them.


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Guest Black's Babe

Perry Lang will always be the poor cop who was dragged off to his death, in the 1980 monster flick Alligator to me.

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