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lucy butler is sweet

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Guest buddahmccloud

The charecter of Lucy Butler was sexy indeed. But I think Laura Means deserves some mention as well. Sure she went crazy but im willing to forgive a little craziness. Everybody knows crazy chicks are the best in bed.

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*First post alert*

Greetings buddahmccloud and what a pleasure it is to welcome another new member to our Millennium community. And, for some strange reason, this is the second post I have happened upon that has gone all sexy, maybe The Old Man is dosing the new members with aphrodisiacs? :fool:

I have to say, Sarah-Jane Redmond and Kristen Cloke are extremely beautiful women, but, more importantly, both are fine people, superb actresses and devoted mothers and wives. Lucy Butler and Lara Means are two creations that have left an indelible mark on fans of Millennium and even a decade later, the passion that these women have, still, for the creations they realised is evident. As Kristen said recently, she loved Lara Means, and, as a card carrying fan of that character, I can honestly say, not half as much as the fans did.

To Lara Means and Lucy Butler, let's drink a toast eh? *that would be fat free eggnog, Lara's Christmas tipple*




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I think The Old Man wants to start a Red Light Thread of sorts.

Forgive my manners, but welcome to our tight community buddahmccloud. I hope, just as my slightly crazy associates do, that you will last long enough to become a full fledged member of The Group....

Lol, kidding. Have fun, speak your mind, just don't get in trouble.



I am growing

And I am growing anxious

And I am growing weary

And I am growing closer

And I am growing up

And I am growing impatient

And I am growing leery

And I am growing wise

And I am growing less

And less

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