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Millennium Group vocal ID's - now available in the Download Manager!

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A collection of updated recordings of the various Millennium Group computer vocal pass phrases or ID's, spoken by Millennium Group members.

For convenience, the zipped file archive contains both MP3 (192kbs) and .wav versions of each sound file.


Lara Means - "Open the pod bay doors please Hal."

Version 1 - From the episode Goodbye Charlie.

Version 2 - From the episode Owls.

Peter Watts - "My god, it's full of stars."

From the episode Goodbye To All That.

Frank Black - "Soylent Green is people."

Version 1 - From the episode The Beginning and the End.

Version 2 - From the episode Beware of the Dog.

Version 3 - From the episode The Fourth Horseman.

Version 4 - From the episode Luminary.

Version 5 - From the episode Luminary.

Version 6 - From the episode Roosters.

Version 7 - From the episode Sense and Antisense.

The Old Man - "The Time is Near."

From the episode The Time is Now.

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Well I used to treasure my little collection of hard to hear pass phrases that I had on my PC but this is fantastic, the definitive collection if you will. Never realised that Frank had uttered the pass phrase so many times, I thought Lara and Peter once, Frank maybe three but seven? Must have taken you ages to go through the transcripts, locate the lines, load the episodes and do the rips etc. Thank you so much for sharing these Graham!

:notworthy: Eth

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No problem at all! It was a bit time consuming as I hadn't done this sort of thing for a while, but I kind of got into the swing of it.

The existing ones I had were years old and not that good, so recording them again was worthwhile, especially as some instances are clearer than others.

Sometimes background music gets in the way, so I tried to cut that out as much as possible.

The idea was to get some good quality samples for Eth's homepage request. Now I have the samples, its time for the hard bit!

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