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Frank Spotnitz Podcast Appearance!


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Dear friends,

This Monday, Jim and Troy will have the opportunity to speak to Ten Thirteen luminary, Frank Spotnitz. This may well be the first and only chance we have to really involve the man himself in all those Millennium musings we have carried with us for aeons. Let's face it, having Frank Spotnitz talk about Millennium has been a real treat of late, he gave written interviews to B2FB and Zone Horror not too long ago, but having him in the raw, if you will, and dealing with our personal thoughts and queries is an opportunity not to be missed.

Most of all this is the perfect chance to discuss the possibility of a return for Frank Black. How likely is it? Will they consider other formats if a film looks infeasible? Have they spoken at all to Lance about how they might envisage the project? So on and so forth.

Every question the guys put to Frank will be credited to you, that's right, after many years of fandom Frank Spotnitz gets to know your name, discuss your thoughts and address your queries. This is Millennium for the fans. What more can we say?

Please leave suggestions for questions here, the more the merrier.




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Wow - shock and awe! This is a brilliant opportunity folks, there isn't much time so get your thinking caps on!

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