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1/6th Scale Frank Black

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Guest Bookmaker221

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Guest Bookmaker221

Sideshow Collectibles is making a 1/6th scale (12 inch) Frank Black as part of their X-Files line, based off of the episode "Millennium" so they wouldn't have to pay for a second liscence. Just thought a few people might be interested.

The first 750 pre-orders get an extra accessory, an in-scale Bible, but even the "basic" run of the figure comes with a lot of high quality stuff.

(To view the Frank Black figure, click on the link above)

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.........nooooooooooooo! i want one! :cry:  :cry:

                                                            se7en :ouro:

me too!!!!!........................... :cry::cry::down:

~Raven :smokin:

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Guest Bookmaker221

I forgot to mention that although the site says it's exclusive to their internet cataloge, it's assuming you're ordering for the first run that has the Bible along with it. If you don't really care about that one little thing, it's probably just as easy to wait a while for when they sell through most of the 750 special presales and order from another distributor online. There is a chance that you'd be able to pick it up cheaper. Sideshow doesn't give any sort of discount off of retail for ordering from their site.

Of course I, being the impatient MillenniuM and Sideshow whore that I am, immediately put in an order for one at full price. I'm an irrational idjit that way.

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Guest lilblackgirl

yeah, what's with the gun?

give him a little plastic orobourus or something like that instead.

he does look awfully GQ though. :bigsmile:

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Guest Xircuits
I don't like it  :no_big: because for me that is not who Frank was to me. Fist off he hardly EVER saw him use a gun and second the grey hair was just not him until the end of the series really. Well that is just my 2 cents  :ouro:

Awww c'mon! Beggers can't be choosers! I'm suprised they even thought about making a Frank Black doll.

Hey, if you don't like the hair, maybe you could take a brown sharpie marker and visit the art shop to give him a whole make over. I'm sure they have stuff like sculpting paint. Hehehe...and maybe buy some materials so you can make some new clothes for him. A leather jacket et al. :jumping:

Frank doesn't have to hold the gun. Heck, you could probably throw the gun away and just have him hold the case files and the cell phone the entire time.

This guy is going to sit on my desk when he arrives. Give me some inspiration to keep one workin'.

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