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Guest AD Skinner

I voted for season one, without doubt one of the best seasons of television ever produced and as a horror buff, no season of television has ever went to the lengths that that season did to terrify its audience, but in a beautiful and intelligent way, a manner that you can only expect of Chris Carter. Not to take away anything from seasons two and three, both of those years have wonderful episodes (I can never forget how season two ended, what a way to finish a season), but for me, the excitment of waiting for season one to be broadcast (a new Chris Carter series was a big deal in 1996) and the subsequent brilliance of what we got formed a big part of the pop culture of my youth, plus many of the episodes are my all time favourites, the Pilot episode, The Judge, 522666, The Wild and the Innocent, The Thin White Line, Covenant, Lamentation, it is a superb body of work.

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Guest RodimusBen

As far as I'm concerned, the series got better as it went along, with a few dips in quality on the way (for example, a handful of episodes in the beginning of season 3). I love season 1, and it certainly has the "purest vision" (you can tell it was realized on screen exactly the way CC wanted it, and not muddied by different concepts of where the series should be going). Season 2 is what really hooked me with a rich mythology. But season 3 shows great progression of the characters, and contains a lot of twists and surprises. It also had some of the most emotional episodes of the series, whereas a lot of season 1 borders on procedural style.

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