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Frank Spotnitz writes for HBO

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Fascinating news Eth! I hope writing for HBO will remove some of the barriers he's had to work around in the past. and I'm really interested in his remake of The Star Chamber, can't wait for that!I might had misconstrued things about Chris Carter, the original Variety article doesn't mention that he's working on it with Chris, but points out he has worked with him in the past?

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Hi Graham,

I think you may be spot on. I bet Libby has transcripts to clarify but I see that Frank Spotnitz has been talking about this for three years. So is it fair to assume he worked on the project with Chris at some point but it is now a solo project of his own. Libby? Laurent? Help a dunce.

I can't wait to see what he comes up with to be honest, I am delighted he is staying with genre projects. I was a little underwhelmed when Fencewalker was announced and that is genuinely unfair of me I concur, writers should be free to explore any genre they wish it's just that I so love CC's previous projects that I will always, unfairly, expect him to carry on in the same vein.

The world needs a little FS, CC and M&W genre on the gogglebox again.

Bring it on Frank!


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Guest Laurent.

A few years ago, he was working on other scripts for feature films with Chris, who just like the Star Chamber, got stuck in development Hell: A Philosophical Investigation and The World of Ted Serios (which became a Carter-only thing I believe). But The Star Chamber was always listed as a Spotnitz-only project at his BigLight website.

Fortunately, it seems like The Star Chamber will at least get a better chance (maybe because it is a remake, FOX are not very bold are they?).

Can't wait to see how the two series will turn out... not like AMPED, please! AMPED had a promising premise (kind of like a modern-urban version of The Thing) and two amazing writers/producers on board (Spotnitz and Gilligan) yet the pilot wasn't picked up... I wish Spotnitz all the luck in the world even if I don't have HBO.

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A (quick) bit of research shows this interview with Frank back in May 2006:


BD: You are currently back at work with Chris Carter, co-writing a film adaptation of Philip Kerr's "Philosophical Adaptations" for producer Mace Neufeld and Paramount. And you are also producing a remake of "The Star Chamber" for 20th Century Fox. What can you tell us about those projects?

FS: "Philosophical Investigations" is a near-future thriller that will be a feature film with Chris directing. "The Star Chamber" will also be a feature film but there is no director attached to it yet.

No mention there of CC's involvement with "Star Chamber". I haven't heard of this project before (although I see it's mentioned on our profile page for Frank), whereas I had heard of "Philosophical Investigations" and the "Ted Serios" movie.

It's interesting to hear about people's views on HBO and 20th. From a Brit point of view, it's not easy to understand the differences (HBO is cable rather than network?), so I wonder if stylistically it's equivalent to the UK's C4 -v- BBC1 in what's allowed (rather than being a difference between satellite and terrestrial).

Anyway, these certainly look like interesting projects.

As a footnote: It seems that Frank is happy continuing to work in TV and movies, whereas Chris seems to have gone off in different directions mostly since XF ended. Perhaps he's more content to explore other areas. From a couple of not-very-well-publicised interviews, he's got his pilot's license and bought a Cessna 208, and from Dori's recent book she and presumably he also have a home in Jackson, Wyoming, which is famous for skiing. Given the punishing nature of producing network TV, perhaps having the money and time to have fun flying and skiing is more to his liking.

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Hi guys,

Just heard from a chum who at the meet and greet with Frank and co recently and the question of Humanitas with HBO came up and apparently the audience were told by Frank that the projects are now looking unlikely as HBO is continuing to drag its feet and not be very accommodating. Such a shame if it is as bleak as it sounds. Let's hope there's a change of heart over at HBO.


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Guest WaveCrest

I liked the idea of The Star Chamber being adapted for TV. Never seen the Michael Douglas film of the same name, but from what I've read it's supposed to be good.

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