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Fan report of unofficial visit to set


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This is taken from The Millennial Comet (Brian Dixon's newsletter) of March 1988. A fan and her friends visited Vancouver in February of that year and happened upon some MM cast and crew on location. Rather than pick out the part that's about their meeting with Lance, I'll past the whole lot (I'm sure neither Brian Dixon nor Mandi Sheridan would object):


"Millennium Stars in Vancouver"

by "Millennial Comet" staff writer Mandi Sheridan (MANDISHERI@aol.com)

While I was on vacation in Vancouver back in February 1998, and while

sightseeing in this beautiful city, myself and my travelling companions were

very fortunate in that we just happened upon a "Millennium" film crew while

they were filming an episode on location. We exchanged a few friendly words

with a member of the crew, told him we were on vacation from Northern Ireland

and that we were fans of the series. We then asked him if we had any chance at

all of meeting the cast, particularly Lance Henriksen or Terry O'Quinn, or at

least maybe obtaining some autographs. But sadly, he told us that Terry had

completed his part in this particular episode and that Lance had finished for

the day.

While we were chatting to him, Brittany Tiplady (Jordan) walked past, and

a few minutes later Megan Gallagher (Catherine) went past and went into a

nearby elevator. Brittany looked just adorable and Megan was very beautiful,

maybe a little slimmer that she looks on TV, but very beautiful and she still

has her new, straight hairstyle. Unfortunately there was no opportunity to

obtain an autograph or even a photograph. But it was so unbelievable and

thrilling just seeing them there. They look almost the same as they do on TV.

Brittany was working her way through a handful of candies she had obtained from

a crew member who was passing them round.

The guy we were talking to then told us that because it was a closed

set, inside a building, a hospital to be exact, we could not stay, but before

we left, and after some polite enquiries from ourselves, he gave us a few hints

as to where they would be on location in the next few days. So rather than

cause any trouble, we left, reluctantly.

The next day we set out again, and because my friend is a local, and

from the hints the crew member gave us, she had a fairly good idea where the

location would be. We drove around the particular area for some time and

eventually saw the familiar signs, and the trailers belonging to the crew etc.

So we boldly went over, and for a while hung around beside one of the

pick-up trucks, parked near a large tent. After a few minutes the guy we had

been talking to the previous day saw us and walked over. He laughed and said

that he had kinda expected us. He then told us that it was okay to stay, as

long as we were quiet, behaved ourselves, and remained out of everyone's way.

For a long time we just stood there, watching everything that was going

on. The famous red Jeep Cherokee was parked nearby (actually there are two

identical ones) and we took a few photos of it (them).I did notice that there

is a lot of just hanging around for the crew and everyone. They were filming a

scene which appeared to be in a prison camp and then I saw Lance. In the scene

he was walking along outside of the fence and he appeared to be holding up

what, I assume was a photograph. The inmates of the prison were all Asian and

from what I could gather, in the scene "Frank" is asking them if anyone knows

the person in the photograph. I have no idea what the episode is about, but

this is one scene from it.

When I saw Lance, I nudged my friend, who is a real fan of his. She almost

fainted. We watched for ages, as they shot the scene a couple of times. Then

Lance walked back to his trailer to wait while they prepared for another scene,

this time inside the camp. We also noticed Kristen Cloke walking from her

trailer to speak to the director and then walking back, but she was too far

away even for a photograph. So, for anyone who is under the impression she is

to be killed off, there's your answer. She's still alive and well in the

episodes up to and including "Siren" .

By this stage some of the crew were becoming curious about us and

gradually they began to speak to us. When we explained that we were on vacation

from N. Ireland, they were fascinated and very interested to learn that

Millennium is shown in the UK. Naturally they asked us what we thought of it,

and naturally we had only good things to say.

Now you have to remember this is Vancouver in February, and by the time we

had been standing there for a couple of hours, we were starting to look and

feel very cold. Then one of the crew appeared with three large mugs of lovely,

hot coffee for us, and the girl in charge of the extras told us she would try

and arrange for us to meet Lance, but we would have to be patient as they were

running very late. Well we were happy enough to wait!

And wait we did, for another hour or so. By this stage, that famous

Vancouver drizzle, which is so familiar to all "Millennium" and "X-Files" fans,

had begun. Still we were content to wait. Then they took pity on us and invited

us into the dining tent, which came equipped with heaters. Lovely!

We were thankful to get warmed up and spent some time chatting to the crew

and to the extras. One extra, Joe, had previously been on vacation in N.

Ireland, so we talked to him for ages about this. We also learned that the

episode they were filming was "Siren" and I believe it involves an

assassination attempt, and of course, there is the internment camp. The scene

we had come across the day before was in a hospital and involved all the main

characters, Frank, Peter, Catherine and Jordan. So I am going to be very

interested in this episode. Why are they all at a hospital? Who are they

visiting? Who is ill? Injured? Dead??? Please, don't let it be Peter. Nah, it

couldn't be. Catherine would never, never visit him in hospital, except maybe

to gloat!

Anyway, the drizzle stopped for a while and they went back to work. Then

it started again and they broke for lunch. Then I noticed two men walking

towards us. One of them was wearing a brown leather jacket and looked strangely

familiar? Ohmigod..it was him!!! Lance Henriksen!!!! He looked up as he drew

near, my eyes connected with his, and he gave me such a smile. I smiled back

and couldn't believe what I was seeing. He looked at the three of us and said,

"What are you doing standing out there in the rain? Come inside." He grinned

again and waved us into the tent.

He was so friendly and down-to-earth. He, first of all, apologized to us

for keeping us standing around so long, but explained that the filming for the

day was running very late because of the weather. And he said he would have

loved to have a lot more time to talk to us. Then he asked us where we were

from. When we told him, he was delighted that we had come so far to see him,

and he asked us about Millennium in the UK. He seemed surprised that it was

shown in Europe. We told him that only five episodes had been shown so far back

at home, but that since coming to Vancouver we had been able to see the rest of

Season 2 up to "The Mikado" and then he said that we had some great episodes to

look forward to, particularly the next four. (That sounds interesting, doesn't

it?) He asked me what I thought of it compared to Season 1 as they had so many

complaints about the first season being too dark. I told him that despite this

I loved Season 1 and, although it was very different, I loved season 2 just as

much, despite one or two episodes I wasn't so keen on. He sort of grinned here,

as though he knew exactly which episodes I was referring to.

Lance then produced an envelope containing three promotional

photographs of himself, asked each of us our names and then very kindly

autographed one for each of us, i.e. To Mandy, love Lance Henriksen, '98.

Finally he said he had to go. Again he apologized for not having more

time and once again thanked us for being fans. We wished him luck and said

farewell and he left.

This encounter had left all three of us a bit stunned and the crew and

the extras, who had witnessed this, crowded around us to see the photos. We

stayed around for a little while longer, talking about our meeting, then we

left in search of badly needed hot food!

As we dined and had a few drinks, we were able to relax and reflect on

our meeting with Lance Henriksen. We agreed that he was so friendly and

cheerful, and not at all like Frank Black! He was genuinely delighted to meet

us. One thing I did notice was that he is not as tall as he appears to be on

TV. My friend had watched as they filmed the explosion scene from the Hand of

Saint Sebastian and she had noticed that Terry O'Quinn is quite tall, about

6'1" or maybe 6'2" and Lance is not so tall. I'm 5'7" and he appeared to be

about my height. So I guess they use a lot of trick photography, because on

screen they both appear to be closer in height. His voice is also slightly

different than that of Frank Black, not just so deep and hoarse. We also

remarked on how friendly the crew were and how interesting it was to watch how

much work is involved in such a short scene. We were told each episode takes

eight days to make, and the crews usually work a 16 hour day, five days a week.

Glamorous it ain't!

Now I'm back at home, my vacation over, and I love to think back on

that meeting with the great Lance Henriksen, and although I have no photographs

other that the signed one, I find that I don't need them as I can recapture

every moment. But the one moment that will forever stay in my mind was the

smile Lance gave me as he approached us. On the rare occasions when Frank Black

smiles his whole face changes and when I see this during an episode of

Millennium, I remember that lovely moment, and I know it was only for me, as my

two friends were looking elsewhere at that point and I saw him first€..

Needless to say we did and saw lots of other interesting things while

on vacation in Vancouver. All the usual tourist things. But so much of the city

is "Millennium" and "X-Files" related. We went up to the top of Grouse

Mountain, on the cable car that Mulder climbed on top of during Scully's

abduction. We saw the Shadbolt centre where part of "Force Majeure" was filmed.

The planetarium, the bridge where Frank chased the Frenchman in the Pilot

episode and all the other places, too numerous to mention, that have featured

in both these shows. My friend knows this city so well and we were able, with a

lot of help from her, to pinpoint many locations and match them to each

episode/scene. The most famous to Millennium fans being the yellow house, the

location of which is given in "The Unofficial Companion." We looked at the

yellow house, took a few photos and I noticed that it seemed smaller in real

life that on the show, and it could really use a new coat of yellow paint! I

guess it is shabby and slightly run-down now because the Black family no longer

live there, but when they return it will look a whole lot better!

One thing that has occurred since returning from my trip to Vancouver. I

simply cannot watch an episode of Millennium without concentrating on the

background to see if I recognise anywhere. I find this very distracting and

tend to concentrate so much on the background that I start to lose the story or

miss the dialogue or the action. So now I have to watch each episode another

time just to see the locations. As if I needed an excuse to watch my favourite

show over and over again!!!!

My only disappointment was not seeing Terry O'Quinn, I was heartbroken

that he was not there. Oh, I would loved to have had the chance to see that

mustache up close!!!! Seriously, I would loved to have met him and said hi and

obtained his autograph too. But I haven't given up hope. There is always next

year, when they are filming Season Three.


"Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Terry Pratchett

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Hi Libby,

What a fantastic bit of fan coverage, that must have been an amazing experience to have been on set and seen Lance, Megan, Brittany and Kristen. It's another great example of Lance's legendary warmth towards his fans. After a cold and rainy sixteen hour day of filming, which was running late, he still took the time to sit and talk with fans despite knowing he would probably be back on set to do it all again in a matter of hours.

I'd love to see the pictures they got of that day if any, I wonder if they kept them.




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Yes, this was great fan documenting. I too would love to see some pictures. Hope they have some available.

I simply cannot watch an episode of Millennium without concentrating on the background to see if I recognise anywhere.

This jumped out at me because I know what Mandi is talking about, but for me it was recognizing people. I used to work for PBS in Hollywood, California, and met a Ka-zillion actors, directors, producers, and even many politicians, etc. Often it was so hard to enjoy the programming when my mind kept going back to meetings and conversations, etc. Now it's so much more entertaining watching TV or movies not knowing the people. I would however, appreciate meeting the MLM cast. Naturally, starting with Lance. Yee ha.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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Fantastic Libby, I just realised that have also answered a query from another topic about the location of the Planetarium! Nicely done!

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Who did you meet, I would love to see a list of names. Having met no-one at all I tend to to watch US shows to see how many former Ten Thirteen cast members crop up in episodes. I was watching Harpers Island yesterday, first few episodes for us Brits, as so far we have had Sarah-Jane Redmond and Jay Brazeau (who, oddly enough, played another 'Legion' character as Lucy's lawyer Selwyn Wassenaar.)

Maybe we'll end with The Judge, Danielle Barbakow and The Gehenna Demon if I keep watching long enough.




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