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Unquantifiable claims about the return of Millennium

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The Old Man

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@ All TIWWA Members,

This is a open request for members not to post unquantifiable claims about the return of Millennium, lets nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.

I appreciated that Millennium fans are justifiably excited at the moment following recent events and this is wonderful but it would be appreciated if members would please refrain from posting claims in the TIWWA Shoutbox or on the forums that cannot be substantiated. Such claims, despite having the best of intentions, can be misleading and get people's hopes up over nothing, not to mention the potential legal implications.

Insider information that comes from unidentifiable third parties that cannot be verified should not be posted.

Similarly, information that reconstitutes already known facts does not help and adds nothing new, and therefore should also not be posted.

The Elder Team will if necessary remove such content and persistent posters will be contacted.

Thank you for your understanding!

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At first I wasn't really sure why you posted that link here in this particular topic without any accompany text when there is already a dedicated forum for this subject (aside from my response to Joe's somewhat rhetorical question above), but having received a few e-mails in my Inbox today citing websites that have picked up on the Screenrant's article, I'm beginning to see why! Am I correct in thinking its in relation to topic of unquantifiable claims and false rumours ... or perhaps I'm totally off track!

Either way Screenrant's article has kicked up some attention whilst it doesn't seem to add nothing really new to the melting pot, its simply restating known information but they have added a quote from Brett Hart.

Other websites are picking up on the article and regurgitating it one way or another, which is all good publicity for the Backtofrankblack.com Millennium movie campaign, or at least it would be if they bothered to link to their website! To not linking to the campaign supports the theory that its all about exacerbating existing rumours which can only lead to more 'Chinese whispers'.




"... what does Fox plan to do with Carter? Throw him under the bus"?

"Millennium Movie Happening Without Chris Carter?"!

This is getting a little silly and frustrating, but I guess that's the nature of the media/internet beast.

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Hi Graham,

It is incredibly frustrating, I agree. It was a lady at Haven who wrote to me with a link to the screenrant article and I had no idea at all that anything was being written with regards to a Millennium Movie - certainly no one at screenrant contacted anyone from BTFB despite the fact that they allude to us as the source. I assume they are crediting us for the original news story then tacked on a few nuggets of their own for good measure. When I read the article Brett was my first port of call and he is as much in the dark as we are as to what rumours, if any, the journalist is privy to. He merely responded as politely as he could when asked for a statement.

I've received a number of emails myself on the subject and sadly all I can offer is that we are very much in the dark and have nothing to add.

We had a press release prepared, that Lance gave his blessing to, that I touted around scores of websites in the hope they would run the story he wanted putting out there. Only a handful showed any interest at all which is why I am surprised that this has gained a little ground.


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Only a handful showed any interest at all which is why I am surprised that this has gained a little ground.

Most people see and hear the bigger more popular news in the airwaves, and once that quiets down, then we will have the spotlight. I have no doubts that it will continue to gain ground, and when it's time, it will burst wide open. Yee ha yippee.

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Its getter better, or worse depending upon your perspective! Here's another one:

Hold on to your 90s conspiracy theories: Millenium is getting a movie, and Lance Henriksen will be returning as his character Frank Black. But here's the rub — show creator Chris Carter is persona non grata on set.



Try learning how to spell Millennium! :rolleyes: We are getting a movie? Holy cow, did I miss something? :angry:

Sorry for being so unusually sarcastic, its just so annoying. Who knows, it could work in our favour!

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BEER---> This and the rest of the stories just keep getting better. The vagueness may become reality ! It's always good to be in print. Let's start a bigger rumor. I heard Britanny wants to do the movie too !!

BTW - I spell it like this - MillenniuM, just out of habit.


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What I would like to know is where they get the information from. Don't we here have more of a direct line to this information then most? After all, wasn't it :frank_black: that called us?

"MLM" is the easiest way to spell Millennium. I enjoy typing the entire word myself. The word I have to think about before I type it is Apocalypse. No red line so it must be correct. Yee ha.

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