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I was wondering what autographs are out there from people involved with MM.

Specifically, I am wondering what MM items are autographed and by whom.

For example, a confirmation that LH signed a MMM photo but not LH signing an Aliens photo.

I will start. I have a picture of MG and LH together, signed by MG.

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There sure are Sigil, Graham and myself have them. Sarah-Jane very kindly donated them to help further the efforts of the campaign. We have given a few away as competition prizes and will continue to do so in the future. They are very, very nice too. A4(ish), glossy pictures and signed in gold - a worthwhile addition to any collection.

In my personal collection I have autographs from quite a number of the cast and crew and I also have 12 from Tucker Smallwood (Steven Kiley) including some promo shots and candid behind the scenes stuff all autographed. These will be up for auction along with a host of other Millennium memorabilia in December to help raise funds for a Children's Charity. I'll let you know as soon as we have everything sorted for that.


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Guest RodimusBen

That has occurred to me, and I thought it would be so cool if her character was studying criminal psychology in college or something if there were ever to be a Millennium movie.

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I understand that there are some Sarah Jane Redmond autographed photos out there, but I cannot confirm this.

I can also confirm the SJR autographs as i too possess one. I also have autographed photos of Megan, and an autographed script from "13 Years Later" from all the members of Kiss, Lance, Thomas Wright, etc...

4th Horseman

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Hi William,

try this :


Fan Mail Address:

Sarah-Jane Redmond
Kirk Talent Agencies, Inc.
196 W 3rd Avenue
Suite 102
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E9

If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow. If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading! If you live in Canada send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope (minimum size 8.5" x 4") with your request letter and a photo. You can include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending in shipping and also add "Do Not Bend" on the envelopes. Send your letter and wait. On average, there is going to be a 3+ month wait for a response. If you do not live in Canada, add several* International Reply Coupons. The International Reply Coupons (IRC) will be used by the receiver to purchase canadian stamps.

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