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What is your scariest or happiest halloween memory?

Guest SpooktalkGiGi

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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

Just being curious and thought since it is the best time of the year, what is everyone's scariest or happiest memory of Halloween? Here is mine:

When I was a little girl I use to love getting dressed up in my princess Halloween costumes and go Trick or Treating with my dad. My brother and sister are a lot older than me so it was usually my dad just taking me out for hauling in the candy, but I do remember one Halloween that my brother and sister took me out Trick or Treating. Now when I say that they were much older I don't mean a lot of years they were both teenagers and I was about 7 or 8. So with them being teenagers I knew I was going to have lots of fun and be scared and have the time of my life, well I did have a very weird experience that I still remember today.

In my neighborhood growing up there use to be an old house that everyone said was haunted. It was abandoned and it did look like your typical haunted house, old and rundown with the shutters hanging off the sides and the brush and grass grown up around the house. Of course me being young and getting to hang out with my cool brother and sister I wanted to impress them so when they dared me to go up to the old house and onto the porch and look inside of course I did but with hesitance. I slowly walked up the stairs onto the porch and walked toward the door. As I turned around i saw my brother and sister running off without me down the street. I was there standing alone and terrified. I gathered my courage and walked up to the door and peered inside, it was one of those doors with the glass in it so you could see inside the house. I saw nothing, it was dark inside and dark outside and cold. As I turned to run away I swear I head noises coming from inside the house and heard the sound of a doorbell ringing... the house was empy and no one else around. I also could have sworn that I heard a lady talking from inside the house. I got so scared I jumped off the porch and ran.... I got up with my brother and sister and was screming and crying and they laughed and would not go back to the house with me so they could experience it too. I remember we went home after that and I don't think I told my parents about it, just something we kept to ourselves. ghostface.gif

Now several years later a friend of my dads took some pictures inside this old house and the pictures came out with furniture in the house and it was even on the negatives......this house had been empty for years and was demolished not long after that!!! ghostface.gif

Just spooky!!!!


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Hey, your story SpooktalkGiGi, sounds similar to one of mine. We had a 2-story house on the next block that sat empty for years. We heard the elderly couple that lived there just disappeared. One day we found a way in from the back yard and started looking around. It sure smelled bad from the air being stale. While we were in there snooping around we started hearing noises. Scared the ba-jeepers out of us and we couldn't get out of the house fast enough. Yes, it was right before Halloween and we did not trick or treat in that direction. We thought for sure we were pegged by some evil force or ghosts for entering the house, and naturally after that day thought the house was haunted. The noise could have been a squirrel, cat, rat, or whatever else that could find its way inside, but we were convinced it was ghosts. Guess I still am. LOL

This is going to be a fun thread, I just know it. Thanks for starting it.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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What a fantastic thread!

Mine is rather embarrassing actually but here goes....

When I was about sixteen, myself and a group of friends went ghost hunting (as you do) to an old school building not far from where I live. The building was built some time in the late 1800's and had long since fallen in to disrepair - the building is no longer standing today as it was demolished.

Whilst we were there a friend of mine told us of the story of a group of nuns who were killed in the school years before and who continued to the haunt the grounds to that very day(I can't remember the specifics of the story but that was the jist of it).

We had a good laugh about the implausibility of discarnate nuns wandering the vacant corridors of an old school and set about quaffing the cider the we had brought for Dutch courage.

Lo and behold, we had only just dismissed the rumours when four spectral lights began dancing on the ceiling of the building. I kid you not, they were sweeping the walls and floors in a very coordinated fashion and were far too bright to be torches or anything of that kind. Needless to say we were hysterical lol

Turned out that the new Sheffield Arena was testing four huge floodlights it had built which, to this day, sweep the skies of Sheffield whenever there is an event of importance taking place there. We didn't know this at the time of course and the reflected rays of these beams looked like four very angry nuns haunting the hollows of an old school (probably the cider helped the illusion lol)

Very embarrassing and very true!




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Here's one that is funny, yet almost turned out tragic and put my old man in the doghouse for months!!!

Halloween 1989, I'm just shy of my 17th birthday. I go to my high school halloween carnival until a little after 10pm. Mom and little sister are with me, Dad is working late so he can't go. We pull into the driveway and see our front door is standing wide open. A little background, my dad and I are both very paranoid of our fellow man, you will rarely, if ever, find a door to the outside unsecured in my family if we are in the house. I notice this immediately and like a good son, tell my mom and sis to stay back even though i can see my old man's truck is in the driveway. I yell from outside the house several times into the open door "Dad, you home? Dad?, No response. No response for several minutes. I then have my mom get in the driver's seat of the car with my sister also in the car. I tell my mom to start the car and be ready to go, I'm going to go inside and look in the living room. I peek inside, my dad's recliner is turned over, several kitchen chairs are kicked over, quite a few signs of a struggle. By this time, I'm almost hypervenilating I'm so scared, I yell several other times for my dad, no response except I catch a sound from the utility room on the other side of living room. The sliding door is closed but I can see the light is on under the door and someone looks to be in the utility room. I yell several more times, still no response. Here's where things get weird. I back out of the house, tell mom what is going on, then go to my dad's shop he has. This shop contains all the tools you could ever want. It also contains a very nice assortment of firearms. I use my key to the shop and select a Colt 1911 .45 handgun, a gun which I have been shooting ever since I was a kid. My dad and I both were into competition pistol shooting (IDPA) if anyone is familiar with the sport and this is the handgun I've used for years. I'm very comfortable with it and am a pretty good shot. I walk back to the front door, with my mother protesting the whole time, no cell phones yet remember....I tell mom to go next door and call the police, I'm going in the house to see if Dad is alright. My mother is freaking out and doesn't really want to leave me, but ends up just sitting in the car while i go in. I proceed down the hallway, a round in the chamber and the hammer back "cocked and locked" trying to remember all of the things i've learned in pistol training classes over the years, nothing going on in the back of the house, no dad. I then start to wonder if maybe dad had a heart attack or a stroke and ended up in the utility room where the cordless phone is. I approach the utility room yelling "Dad" at the top of my lungs. To my surprise the door begins to open verrrrry slowly. I see a hand with a glove on opening the door, and in that moment, i know this is the real deal. I had decocked the hammer coming back up the hallway, but when I see this gloved hand opening the sliding door, I cock the hammer again and just wait to see what happens. I'm completey scared out of my wits. What happens next is my dad comes out of the utility room wearing a ski mask, and wearing his army fatigue jacket. He is also carrying a large butcher knife. My dad walks directly into my line of fire about three feet away. He then looks at me and drops the fake utcher knife on the ground. He speaks in the weakest, most tame voice i've ever heard him use before or since. He says "Shannon, it's your dad. This was just a joke. I was trying to scare you and your mom. I wanted to jump out when you came to check the utility room and give you a scare. Please don't shoot me." I then secure the pistol and let out a deep breath and begin yelling at him. My dad was and still is somewhat of a prankster, but to my knowledge, he has never pulled any further pranks on me. I was literally a half pound of trigger pressure away from most likely putting a bullet through my old man. I have never seen him look so scared in all my life. He has told me several times as the years go by that there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that he was about to die. We laugh about it now, but its still the stupidest thing he has ever done in his life. He readily admits that. I thought my mom was going to divorce him after she came inside and heard what had went on. He staged it very well, but he went a bit too far. True story folks, my mom would be happy to verify it for anyone. She still yells at him for it 20 years later...:) that's my most vivid halloween memory.

Edited by Gunslinger

"Have I run too far to get home?"

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I was in my early 20's. An elderly neighbor down the road, (maybe 10 houses) asked me if I could repaint and paper his bedroom. I had day work, but he was going with his wife for vacation and left me the keys so I could work at night. I was young and had no lack of stamina so I took the job. He was supposed to be gone for a week, and I was taking my time working some each night.

I had gatorade bottles and a pizza box or 3 and a radio playing rock music and etc scattered about the work area when I heard him come in 2 days early. I turned off the radio and rushed to clean my own garbage up and then to straighten the work area to present it in the best possible light for him. All told I spent maybe 2 minutes doing this and then I turned on the hall light and headed downstairs to the kitchen to greet him. When I got to the kitchen no one was there... I figured I had misheard something on the radio and went back upstairs and got back to work. Only moments later I heard a young womans laugh and then the deep voice of a male who was too far away to hear distinctly. Nevermind that the female voice was way too young to be his wifes, I guesssed I somehow had not seen them... Maybe they went back to the car to get something? So I again made my way to the kitchen and found no sign of anyone. This time of course, the radio had not been on.

The man returned when he said he would and I stopped by a few days later to collect my money. He had me sit in his study while he wrote me a check. There on the desk was a small box that was labeled as the cremated remains of his son, who died about my age 20 years earlier. I never took another job at that house!

We live in a world where too many people won't go far enough... won't do what they know is right... what they believe. I don't know how or why it got this way but the world has become so complicated, to involve yourself in someone else's problems is to invite them needlessly on yourself. ~ Frank Black

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