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Got My Millennium Season 1 Box Set Early!

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First of all This is my First post here so Whats up all! Next I got my Season 1 set Early from a Local Used CD Store!!! I Quicly shelled out the 39 dollars for it ran home and shut myself away for about 4 hours watching the first 4 eps and This show has lost NOTHING since all those years ago when I'd shun my Friends and Party time on Friday Nights to watch MM! I Think the Fact that since MM hasn't been Whored on TV Like X-Files aids in the Freshness of Rewatching these and Although I Have a Large collection of Eps on VHS the Clarity in DVD Format and better audio Makes this Set Awesome!!

I've been waiting for this Box Set since the Show ended, Even more than X-Files and I am an PHILE But MM was so much better. I also used to Post on the Old Fox Forums and have been looking for a Site like this since those shut down so Thanx!

You guys are gonna love the Set!


I don't know if theres a Faction on here but MM Ended for me after the season Kathrine Died, Those last 2 seasons were so Forced!

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BEER--->Good news onthe doorstep! Just got notified by Amazon that it is sending DVD on the 23rd. My bad, the credit card I originally used had identity theft and was cancelled. I was about ready to order another one.


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Guest Andre

Amazon (.ca, in my case) is an odd beast. If you select their super-fun happy happy free shipping option, they ship the DVD July 23rd (arrival 27th to Aug 3rd). However, if you pay the quick shipping cost (1-3 days), it says the estimated ship date is July 20th (for a 21st-23rd arrival date).

So if you're cheap (and most are, admit it), they send it later, even if they HAVE it.

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Guest RJ2000

I just received an e-mail today saying Amazon had shipped my "MM" box set this afternoon! YEE-HAW! :jumping: Maybe they got the sets in early and decided to give us hardcore fans an early present? :xmas_ouro:

By the way, welcome to the nuthouse, Rodecker! Glad you're on board.


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