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This came to me today from my old friends at JoBlo Movie Network:

Fans of Chris Carter's other cult classic TV

show Millennium have been given all sorts of reports recently about a movie revival; lance Henriksen had apparently been approached to reprise his role of Frank Black, but speculation arose that Carter would stay away from it. So the die-hard fan bunch of the self-explanatory site BacktoFrankBlack took it upon themselves to reach the source and set the record straight.

Getting in touch with the folks of Moviehole, the site's peeps reported having caught up with Carter for an interview where he claimed "..if someone called up and said 'would you consider doing a Millennium movie?' I would certainly consider doing it... I've always had an idea who'd be in that movie but I won't tell you who that is! .. It would be about sitting down with Lance figuring out how he felt."

Good to know but worthless if Frank himself isn't around... But fear not, actor Henriksen had a response when told of Carter's comments. “I'm ready to pack my bags and travel to wherever Chris is staying and talk Millennium. I'm more than willing to conspire with Chris' creativity to make this happen.” We're taking notes here, Lance. Better stick to your word!

So, who's up for a Millennium movie?

Source: MovieHole Reported: Tony Lang

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BEER----> this really wets my whistle, can't wait for the 'Triity of Terror' convention in Vegas. My first question 'Hey Lance - What's your collar size (TIWWA needs to know) and OH - BTW where are you and Chris discussing the MoviE?


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This is great, especially since it was posted on IMDb. I so need to try and send it to Parade Magazine in hopes they will write something about it. Thanks Joe.


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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I have a sense that there's something odd going on here. I know that negotiations take time, and I guess that if serious negotiations are going on then they would first of all be with Lance (because MM is Lance) but presumably also with CC. Why would CC do a recent interview with B2FB if he had a hint that the project would proceed without him? The idea that a possible movie would be made without his involvement doesn't look good from the PR point of view. Yet, he seemed pretty subdued in that interview. I have no idea how to make sense of what's out there. Let's hope the B2FB people can utilise their connections and get us some info on the situation.


"Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape." Terry Pratchett

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Agreed Libby, I think there's some confusion over that IMDB post. Basically they just highlight movie related news articles on other external sites and blog entries, its not an IMDB comment as such but more of an automated news tracker.This is just another post in the same vein as the others we have seen lately, and they seem to be in one of three camps:

1. A Millennium movie is on its way, and Chris Carter's been sidelined (kill me now)

2. A news article which highlights and links to another news article on the subject of a Millennium movie, they say its on its way, and Chris Carter's been sidelined (kill me for a second time)

3. A news article which highlights and links to another news article on the subject of a Millennium movie, they say its on its way, and Chris Carter's been sidelined (resurrect me and kill me for a third time), but that's total hearsay and rubbish, go to B2FB.com for the true facts.

If I see a website post in the style of camp three, I raise a smile and I am happy because its all good publicity for the campaign.

Yes, Carter was subdued wasn't he? LOL! Subdued is a good way to describe him, my God, that guy is as serious as a Vulcan - but I love him nonetheless!

PS. When I first saw this topic, I thought someone has jumped the gun and had created a page for a Millennium movie on IMDB.com!

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Guest Jim McLean

As Graham says, as long as people want to speculate, let them speculate, let them talk, let them make noise. The facts are clear on B2FB and here in TIWWA. Any journalist with a little savvy can find the truth - if they want it. :) But many don't as it isn't as interesting - and for once I'm quite happy to see the media distort a story if it lets the story travel. As long as we remain true and happy to divulge that truth whenever asked, that's what matters. I even send an email to tSFX offering some more precise information after they quoted screen rant. Didn't hear back, which means the truth in this case wasn't quite as interesting as the fiction! :)

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Guest octoburn

honestly, I don't have a problem with a Millennium movie without Chris Carter, so long as Lance is involved. Lance is Frank Black, Lance makes the show. we all know that. Carter is, let's face it, a mediocre director, Carter makes mediocre movies. Carter is great as an idea/creator/producer role, but as far as putting together a coherent movie as a writer and director, two X-Files movies show his flaws as a storyteller.

as long as Lance is there to protest anything he thinks goes against the character/universe Chris created (which I think Lance has as good a grip on them as Chris does) I think it could turn out great.

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