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You certainly make a very valid point about Lance's ability to protect the character. I love hearing stories of when he raised objection to certain lines of dialogue or developments in the plot because he felt they betrayed the character and the original vision. As for Chris, if there's to be a Millennium Movie then I guess it's up to Fox who is involved and if Chris is to be overlooked in favour of a new director/writer then I can only hope and pray they pick from those good folk involved in the original show. I know this is decidedly fannish but I don't want too much tinkering with the formula - if it aint broken why mend it. I have to say Robert McLachlan is an absolute must for me as cinematographer. His work on Millennium was, and still is, untouchable and it would be criminal not to bring him back.




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Guest octoburn

Yeah, Millennium's lighting was always feature-film-quality.

if I had to pick a director from within Millennium, it'd probably be Thomas J. Wright. He directed many of my favorite episodes and really like his style.

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I would love to see a movie where they actually brought Lara back (having survived the plague due to a last minute save by the group) and where Jordan has grown up. I picture the Millennium Group after Jordan (a young woman) as a new recruit, having patiently waited as Frank mentored her and helped her develop her gift. Her vaccination at the end of season 2 not actually the result of Lara, but set up by the group instead. I think the Owls would have to be the dominant faction, considering the Millennium came and went. After all, the group are masters of manipulation and very patient. What does everyone else think?:gaba:

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