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... Thirteen Years Later - Millennium celebrates its 13th Anniversary

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Today, thirteen years later, Millennium celebrates its 13th Anniversary!

Amazingly its been 13 years since Frank Black first profiled his way onto our television screens in the episode 'Pilot'. Millennium's network premier episode was first broadcast in the USA, which attracted over 17 million viewers, the highest rating network premiere in history on October 25th 1996.

October is a special month for Millennium fans. Earlier this month we remembered the birthday of Chris Carter, Millennium's creator who of course named his production company (Ten Thirteen Productions) after his birthday on October 13th. Further ahead this month of course is Halloween, when many Millennium fans take the opportunity to watch the themed episodes 'The Curse of Frank Black' and '... Thirteen Years Later'. To get into the spirit of things, we've decorated our forums with a suitably macabre and ghostly theme, be sure to check it out and be sure to keep an eye on BacktoFrankBlack.com this week.

More than a decade has passed and Millennium is still as topical and relevant as it was 13 years ago, perhaps even more so. With no signs of looking old or showing its age, its still the creative masterpiece that it was 13 years ago, and new viewers are discovering the journey of criminal profiler Frank Black every day.

However you choose to celebrate this special time, consider starting a new run of episode watching tonight in tribute of this wonderful series and of the creative talents of Millennium's cast and crew.

This is who we are


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Hello and let me say a big welcome to TIWWA!

You are quite correct, Millennium is still looking fantastic today! :thumbsup:

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Happy anniversary! And im looking forward to Halloween, cause i too will watch "The Curse of Frank Black" and "Thirteen years later"

It really is thirteen years later! laugh.gif He shows up again in a comic, thirteen years later and its in October! Do you notice it?

It is ten thirteen!

Dont you think this is a sign? Carter must have waited for that date and it shows, that Millennium truly is his special baby, dont you think? happy.gif


Mr. Carter: "Hey Lance, listen: You got a nice jacket and i'll bring you back ten thirteen from now, ok?"

Mr. Henriksen: "What??"

Mr. Carter: "You'll see... The time is near."

y4m5qxc8.jpg This is who i am

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Ooops, i just saw, that this is a 5 year old toppic, so there goes my theory... yucky.gif

Would have been so nice. I just sat here and thought "Wasnt Millennium at an end before the actual millennium? So how can it bee 13 years later now? Well, maybe the X-Files episode was aired 13 years ago, but it was the 2000 new years eve, so that cant be, either...Lets take a look at the thread again...Oh nooo." sad.gif

Well, at least i can watch the Halloween episodes and the two amazing christmas episodes in December.

Sorry for my "Spam" Post above.

y4m5qxc8.jpg This is who i am

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Wilhelm, look at it this way. There are a ginormous number of calendars, so it depends upon which one you are basing the dates on.

Here's the wiki link to prove it ~


This is a list of just the ones that are in use ~
360-day calendar
Advent calendar
Akan calendar
Armenian calendar
Assyrian calendar
Astronomical year numbering
Bahá'í calendar
Bengali calendar
Berber calendar
Buddhist calendar
Chinese calendar
Coptic calendar
Discordian calendar
Ethiopian calendar
Fiscal year varies with different countries. Used in accounting only.
Germanic calendar (still in use by Ásatrúar)
Gregorian calendar used by most countries in the world today.
Hebrew calendar
Hindu calendars
Ibibio calendar used by the Ibibio people
Igbo calendar used by the Igbo people.
Indian national calendar
ISO week date
Iranian calendars
Irish calendar
Islamic calendar
Jain calendar
Japanese calendar (Gregorian months)
Javanese calendar
Juche era calendar used by North Korea
Julian calendar
Kurdish calendar
Lithuanian calendar
Malayalam calendar
Maya calendar (parts still used by Maya)
Nanakshahi calendar
Nepali calendar
Nepal Sambat
Minguo calendar used by Republic of China/Taiwan.
Revised Julian calendar
Romanian calendar
Runic calendar (still in use by Ásatrúar)
Tamil calendar
Thai lunar calendar
Thai solar calendar
Tibetan calendar
Zoroastrian calendar (including Parsi)
Xhosa calendar (in use in South Africa)
Yoruba calendar (in use in Nigeria)


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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Of course your right, but i think Carter looks at the same calender as i do, so my theory is killed...

It would sound a bit crazy if i would say: "According to the Nanakshahi calendar, it is now ten thirteen later. Im sure Carter knew that."

I was just too fast. dry.gif

y4m5qxc8.jpg This is who i am

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