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It's the Midnight of the Century

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I just want to wish all my fellow MLM fans a wonderful Midnight of the Century.  The reason I say this, is that this holiday season is very much tied to this great show that we are all inspired by and enjoy so much.

For me, the show has truly been so much more to me that just an entertaining and captivating show, pastime and hobby.  It has truly inspired and held deep meaning for me.  I am not ashamed to say that is has had a deep impact on my life in many ways.  The other aspect of the show that makes we want to celebrate the Midnight of the Century as a holiday, is the diverse, unique, inspiring, interesting, humourous, intelligent, and passionate community of MillenniuM enthusiasts that have grown up around the show over the years.  It is truly a privaledge for me to be a part of it.

And for me, the creation and openning of this message board has also been a part of this Midnight of the Century holiday that I am celebrating.  I am truly glad to see the response and tremendous activity here!

So, I invite you all to join with me in celebrating our own community "holiday within a holiday"!  It's the Midnight of the Century!  This is who we are!

Upbeat Holidays to you all,

:ouro: Scott

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.........i couldn't have put it better myself if i tried! :D  i think the time that MM ceased just being a "show/obsession" for me,and actually became a very real and positive part of my LIFE was when the dubbing project started in june-2000-(and no not because of $$$,but because of all the wondeful diverse "kind" souls i have been privelidged to meet,and in some cases,become dear friends. such as you-scott,and gra,and matt-(where are you man???)-and many many others.

             "...tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow",

                                         ~DAVE :ouro:  :santa:

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Yes, we truly are a wonderfully eclectic and eccentric community!  And I have also made some great friends within it!  Along with many others I am sure, I will be watching Midnight of the Century and Omerto over the holidays, and, though though there is much controversy surrounding it within our MLM community, I will be watching TXFs "MillenniuM" episode around new years.

To all the Elders, Candidates, Members, and, of course our Old Man:

"To da best bunch a guys... I EVER KNEW!  SALUDE!"

May you all be touched by the "feminine energy" and spirit of our holiday!  And I hope the fetches you encounter on x-mas eve are no one you know.

:santa: Scott

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