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X-Files (false) trivia

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The guys'n'gals on imdb's XF board are having fun thinking up some (false) trivia. See here:



" Krycek's left arm amputation had to be worked into the show after Nicholas Lea's left arm fell pregnant during production." :biggrin:

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:bigsmile: How wonderful, we should start something like this for Millennium. I really enjoyed reading that. I'll have a go and see what I can come up with,

* In the original script of Goodbye Charlie, Tucker Smallwood was to sing "T'was On The Good Ship Venus" during the Karaoke scenes but it was felt somewhat at odds with the narrative. Tucker himself was said to favour "Leap Up And Down (Wave Your Knickers In The Air)" by St. Cecilia although the rights to this could not be secured and Glen Morgan opted for "Season's In The Sun" in an act of desperation.

* Although scheduled to read for the role of White Horse in "Broken World", UK based presenter, Esther Rantzen was unable to attend the audition due to gingivitis leaving the role wide open to second choice, Janet Street Porter.

* During the third season of Millennium, Lance Henriksen's method acting style demanded that he distance himself from Terry O'Quinn to enhance the antagonism between their respective characters. Terry was said to have taken this change in the dynamic of their relationship badly as this was the first season the two had not shared a Motel room between filming.

* Casting Directors for the second season of Millennium spoke of their difficulty in finding suitable candidates for the role of Lara Means. As Glen Morgan's original character brief specified that the actress must have a natural propensity to comedy, a proven track record in portraying mental instability, experience of demanding genre shoots and, most importantly, be his wife it was felt that brief was a little restrictive.

* A speculative Season One script by Frank Spotnitz remains un-produced but was finally shared online this year when Frank made it available to fans via his Big Light Productions website. The script details the story of Frank Black teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown once again as Jordan Black is abducted by the Polaroid Stalker. The script entitled "Black is Black. I Want My Baby Back" has been warmly received by fans of the show.

* Continuing their exploration of Christian legends and Gnostic mythology, writers Erin Maher and Kay Reindl had begun work on a third season script featuring the mysteries of the Archons, the legends of Lillith and a cameo appearance from fan favourite Sarah-Jane Redmond as Lucy Butler. Although early drafts were well received the script was shelved when budget constraints prevented the hiring of The Singing Nun for the pivotal pole dancing shots.

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