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The Ophiuchus Code

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Hi Everyone,

Mark Hayden thought some might be interested in this, as it relates to themes from Millennium, and so I obliged.


The second half will be just as dense with ideas, but it might take several weeks before it runs. Please forward comments as I am interested to see people's reaction to this train of thought.



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Hi Matt,

What an engrossing read that was.

Anyone who enjoyed that, or is fascinated by the images of The Lost Book should definitely check out the Voynich Manuscript. It is a centuries old book that appears to have been written entirely in code as well as images that defy understanding. Any attempts to decode the book have so far failed despite some of the greatest minds of cryptography turning their attention to it.

Nothing excites me quite like the idea that a book contains within it's pages a secret and I purchased a book all about the Voynich Manuscript and couldn't put it down. It was a total page-turner from start to finish.

As for the The Lost Book, I always thought the plates were designs for Tarot Cards. In fact, it's hard for me to view them as anything else although I would imagine this has been discounted many times over.

Great work Matt, certainly got me thinking.


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The statistical methods that are being used to demonstrate that the Voynich Manuscript might be a fraud have enough holes to drive a bus through!

Testing against an unknown language is difficult.... or impossible. If this is a code, then knowing the original language is a must to try these methods. If this is a speacialty text, (ie on herbology, or religion or something) then being able to approach it from that direction is also pretty important, though not essential.

This is a difficult thing to use when merely trying to figure out if one text in a known language is written by a known author. We have much less here...

I am not sure that this is a fiction or not, but I am sure that the statistical method will not be the way this is determined!

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