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Glen Jordan's music: Where to find it?

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Guest Forza

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I've been goofing around on iTunes downloading all the various songs from Millennium, thanks to this site's excellent music guide. I've gotten all of them (except some of the unavailable Mark Snow's Night Sins stuff), but I cannot find the songs listed by Glen Jordan anywhere. Here are the songs I need:

from: Loin Like a Hunting Flame (Glen Jordan):

1.Hand in Hand We Die


3.Frank Takes the Floor

from A Single Blade of Grass (Glen Jordan):

1.Ain't Got Far to Hell

2.Hand in Hand We Die

Also, anyone know of aa recording of Marty Jensen & Jessie Fanion's "The Right Side of Wrong" from "Goodbye, Charlie" or Vinnie the Goo's "Sexy" from "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me"?

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Hi Forza,

To this day I've been unable to find anything out about the almost mythical Glen Jordan. I did wonder at one time whether it was actually a pseudonym. I was hoping it may come up in the Mark Snow/Backtofrankblack.com interview but sadly it didn't, pity I never thought to try and get the question answered beforehand! Sadly there was no mention in the booklet on the soundtrack, but in fairness that was more about Mark Snow.

There's a couple more as well which are not included in the guide, we've yet to track them down even after all these years.

Can you identify these music tracks?

Glad you found the guide useful though, its the most complete listing ever done for Millennium!

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Hi there,

You could try approaching Mr. Jordan yourself as he has a website here in which he lists Millennium and the X-Files on his resume. I assume the confusion lies in the fact that his name is spelt Glenn Jordan although he was credited on the show as one "Glen Jordan". He has a contact email address there if you are interested in trying to track his music down.

As The Old Man says, if you could offer any further info about those two tracks I would be another grateful soul. I have spent many an hour trying to track them down to no avail.

Please let us know if you contact Mr. Jordan and hear anything in response.

Good luck,


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