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Satanists in the Vatican

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There is definitely a dark influence in the Vatican, whether it is actually demonic or just the corruption of man I don't know. The late Father Malachi Martin also claimed that there was something evil happening in the Vatican, and he may have been killed for it.

Another interesting fact, maybe a connection, maybe not- on Mt. Graham, the vatican has an observatory (Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope). This observatory shares space with other organizations, one of which operates a spectroscope called by its acronym... Lucifer. 

LBT Near Infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research





Nothing is forsaken...

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With no disrespect to the Catholic religion, along with the corruption of man, maybe the Vatican is full of :3d-alien-smiley-emoticon:  :alien2:

instead of   :devil_01:  :demon:


"Time is too slow for those who wait; too swift for those who fear;

too long for  those who grieve; too short for those who rejoice.

But for those who love, time is eternity."

(Jane Fellowes)

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