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Grace...Has anyone else seen this film?

Guest Black's Babe

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Guest Black's Babe

Recently bought this one on blu-ray for $6.99 at Best Buy.

gave it a spin over the weekend, not bad for a 1st time director.

It was directed by Paul Solet and stars Jordan Ladd from Cabin Fever.

Produced by Adam Green, who bought us Hatchet, Spiral, Frozen and the upcoming sequel Hatchet 2.



Some bogus story about two men fainting during an advance screening was all over the internet.

Back when "Grace" played at The Sundance Film Festival.

My guess is they did that to generate some buzz, but there's nothing to cause fainting IMHO.

Despite that annoying me, it's still a decent offering to the genre.

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Hi guys,

I haven't seen this film but it is on my list of intended viewings in the non too distant future. I know that some reviewers found the subject matter unpalatable but I didn't know the story about people fainting at the screenings. I honestly believe these things are orchestrated by plants half the time. I know a number of films in recent times have been associated with rumours of people vomiting/leaving/fainting during the showings and non of the films seems to warrant such an extreme reaction when I've viewed them. I know a similar story was propagated when Hostel was released though suggestions were made that Eli Roth merely hired a couple of friends to make a scene in the theatre and throw fake vomit around in the foyer to make it look like individuals had run from the cinema mid-upchuck.

Nothing sells a film like the prospect of being put through the mill while watching it.

Anyhow, enough ramble, this is one I will certainly be checking out soon.




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