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Lance Henriksen in 13th Gate

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Now this looks exciting and from what I can tell a lot more mainstream, and a possessing a bigger budget, than the type of films we have grown accustomed to seeing our man in of late. According to IMDB, this film is in pre-production at the moment with Lance poised to join Scout Taylor-Compton (Laurie Strode: Halloween), and Cameron Richardson (Chloe: Harper's Island) to play Jeremiah Millwood. Now it would seem that this film is an expansion of the haunted ride of the same name. Here's a brief synopsis of the movie.

The 13th Gate revolves around a pair of college students that travel to a small town in Louisiana to complete their film school video thesis about a deceased child killing devil worshiper named Angus Greene. Murdered some 40 years ago, Greene's proposed path of rage has lingered in this small town all the way up to present day, where now a very popular Halloween haunted amusement attraction resides on the very grounds he once owned. Mysterious accidental deaths have piled up every year since this venue has opened, which is called THE 13TH GATE, only adding to local suspicion about this area being cursed by the evil that most Louisiana folks believe Greene represents. On this one very dark night, these filmmakers on a mission to capture answers will find out if these myths are just made up folklore or if this vicious evil really is real!

Here's a Youtube video of the attraction that you can watch to get a sense of where most of the action takes place. It looks superb I must say, I'd love to go. I'll try to keep you all updated with news as soon as it appears.




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I'll read this thread in proper before the weekend. Looking at it briefly the title itself reminds me of an old PC game called The 7th Guest, and the lettering style reminds me of The 7th Guest's title lettering style. Interesting as well that Scout-Taylor Compton is also starring, along with Cameron Richardson (one of the best things in Harper's Island).

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