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TIWWA Celebrates Easter In Style

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The TIWWA Blackcoats Present: The Millennium Easter TV Weekend!

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know a few of us have banded together with the intention of bringing you a weekend of themed fun to help celebrate Easter and we have done this in the form of a virtual weekend of televised Millennium events. Over the next two days, on a number of virtual channels, we aim to bring you plenty of entertainment and we hope you will get involved and leave some thoughts for those good folk who have worked hard to bring all this to you. To whet your appetite, here is a list of what's on offer so grab those Easter eggs, log into the forum tomorrow and prepare to be entertained. This is who we are!

If you have blogs, facebook pages, twitter accounts and the like, you might like to make a mention of our celebrations and help bring Millennium Fans to our attention who might not know about our wonderful community.

That said, have a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing you around for the fun.




SYFY CHANNEL: The Launderama of The Soul - A Selfosophy Inspired Game.


GOOD FOOD CHANNEL: The Importance of Being Chocolate - A look into the deeper aspects of what we are stuffing our faces with this Easter.


RADIO ONE: Millennium: The Family - An online Skype meeting of TIWWA members to discuss 'Owls', 'Roosters' and more besides (this will be made available for download shortly after.)


NICK: Frank Black Cottentail - A hidden Easter Egg somewhere on the forum, see if you can find it folks.


CHALLENGE TV: Millennium Trivial Pursuits Part One - A two season quiz with a copy of Millennium Apocalypse for the winner.


BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: Exclusive to TIWWA: Interview with Tracy Middendorf - a look behind the scenes of 'Darwin's Eye' with Cass herself.


MTV: Darwin's Eye Music Montage to tie in with Tracy's Interview



ABC: The Millennium Academy Awards - A Celebrity Deathmatch styled after the Oscars.


HISTORY CHANNEL: Easter - An article looking at the deeper, spiritual significance of Easter.


CHALLENGE TV: Millennium Trivial Pursuits Part Two- A two season quiz with a copy of Millennium Apocalypse for the winner.


BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL: Exclusive to TIWWA - Interview with Shae Popovich - A look behind the scenes of Forcing The End with Rachel Levinson herself.


MTV: A Forcing The End Music Montage to tie in with Shae's interview.


SKY PREMIÈRE: Exclusive VS6 Webisode - a brief prologue to the new virtual series.

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Thank Richard,

Some great things have been put together by the good folk of TIWWA and they should all be very proud of that they have achieved. It isn't just an excuse for us to have a bit of fun, although that's a big part of it, it was a nice little exercise that demonstrates that we are more than the sum of our parts. I very much enjoyed working with the folk who put this together and I feel sure we will do something else like it in future.

A lot of off-forum folk have read about it at Big Light or at Facebook and also been very complimentary about what they have read which is nice.

That said, happy Easter folks :)


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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

This is absolutely Amazing and Beautiful and OMG what a phenominal job Mark with the banners and the ideas, WOW what awesome talent. makingeyes.gif The Blackcoats are Amazing people. What a treat, I cannot wait for this. :) This is something that should win an award or be on TV or something, :) Completely amazing!!!!!! thumbsup.gif I think a BIG GROUP HUG is in order.hug_03.gif LOVE to everyone!!!!! makingeyes.gif and Happy Easter!

Laura :)

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Argh! This is too cute and cuddly for me! :D My head almost exploded when I saw this background template, hehe...

Happy Easter to all, enjoy yourselves this holiday weekend, folks!

Cheers from Iceland!

- Jósef

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Come on Josef even us Millennium fans can do cute and cuddly every once in a while *ponders that thought* nah, you're right, bring on the carnage.


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Words just don't seem sufficient to say what a wonderful job you have done Mark. Thank you so much. The different

channels is brilliant idea. s_thumbup.gifta_clap.gif

My gosh, this year is absolutely awesome. What hard work (fun) has been put into this.

Thank you to all of the blackcosts oc_sunglasses.gif who have contributed. What a fantastic group we are, and I for one am very proud

to be a member. ouroborous.gif

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Not at all. Thank you, all of your, for being willing to down tolls and work on something with me. There will be more to come today and tomorrow (especially if I can figure out how to embed the videos we have) but until then please enjoy what is on offer and a very happy Easter to all of you.


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