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Guest Second Coming

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Guest Second Coming

Could someone that's really knowledgeable about Millennium talk to the people in this thread about Millennium? https://forums.dvdfile.com/interactive/foru...5589#post585589

It's a huge dvd messageboard and everyone is talking about Millennium and I just can't see to come up with the right words. People are saying that the dialogue isn't any good, that's it's like Se7en only 1/10th as interesting. I'm just at a loss for words. I think someone like Dave that is really passionate about it could get in there and explain things to everyone.

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Guest Forza
OK I Hate these people. Seriously. Im deeply hurt.

If the vast majority of television viewers do not appreciate MillenniuM, then so be it. Their lack of interest does not diminish my appreciation and enjoyment of the show in the least. Nor do their scathing comments accurately reflect the quality of the show itself, for the majority of negative reactions written online about any show (not necessarily MillenniuM) are sadly written out of ignorance and immaturity. I'm sure those same people would comment that the last several seasons of The X-Files were crap, too.

Tellingly, one of the quotes included above is written in the 3rd person: "...the 3rd season is so bad real fans won't even acknowledge it". Obviously, that wasn't written by a "real" fan (i.e., one who has--at least--taken the time to simply watch the show being discussed, to say nothing of those of us who actually discuss such shows online).

No doubt, the new Millennium that was ushered in a few years back failed to eliminate all purveyors of neural impotence. Hopefully, these myopic infidels will be successfully eradicated on December 22, 2012. In the meantime, I'll forward their blasphemous words to Mabius' Inbox.  :Gehenna_demon:

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For me being a Fan of something like lets say St.Louis Cardinals, if your a true fan you love the team if their winning or losing. in other terms i think Millenium 1st season is a piece of art....Season 2&3 where different but Frank Black remained the same....i guess i am a fan of Frank Black

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