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MTV: Forcing The End Music Montage

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Are both of the download icons for the MP4 download?

If I understand you correctly, both videos are mp4 files. The easter basket will take you to anoter site where at the bottom is the download link which you click and it will prompt you to choose a save the file...you know the drill...

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Guest WaveCrest

When I clicked on the Easter Bunny icon it went to a page where I clicked on Download. Then it went to another page where there were two identical icons with the word 'Download' beside one another.

EDIT: Seems to be working now. It's downloading the MP4 link.

EDIT: The download has finished, but a QuickTime settings box has appeared at the top of my screen which I'm not sure about. I cleared and closed the download box and a QuickTime video screen has appeared anyway.

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Hmmmm....don't know what this is about...but I'll check it out at home.

Graham had no problems.

But I'll download them and see if there's anything out of the ordinary.

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Josef, if Richard downloads the file his PC will try to open in it Quicktime, that's normal isn't it (if I understood him correctly). If I click to open any MP4 file my PC will always choose Quicktime as the default viewer unless I tell it otherwise.

Both files worked for me without issue either.



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Ahhh...I always use open with...since all different mediums are changing when I install something else...bugger...

But VLC player is the best one. But it plays fine in Quicktime, didn't know that...but since mp4 is sort of the format for iPods and whatnot, so it makes perfect sense.

I'll look into making .avi files but I think they'll come out huge...that's why I have gone with mp4.

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Guest SpooktalkGiGi

I did all that and my still won't play, unsure.png Probably user error again. lol :) I can hear it but not see it. :(

Laura :)

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