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Actual Earthquake Recordings

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"These recordings were taken over a three or four hour period and condensed to a minute or two."

Earthquake Recordings

WATTS: Tomorrow morning, at 4:13 AM, a 5.2 earthquake will hit the Seattle area.

FRANK: How can you know that?

WATTS: The same way we knew the Kobe, Japan quake would occur a year to the day after the Northridge quake. We knew where to look. (quoting) And there shall be great earthquakes in various places ...

[Frank turns away, having had enough of Watts's Biblical quotations.]

WATTS: ... and famine, and pestilence, and there shall be fearful sights. And great signs from Heaven. (a beat) If this occurs will you accept an offer to become a full member of the Millennium Group? No more questions. No more doubts.

[Frank stares at Watts.]

[Frank's house – night. A few nightlights are on.]

[Frank's bedroom – night. A photo of Jordan rests on Frank's bedside table, along with his radio-clock, which reads 4.12 AM. Frank is asleep on his bed, fully clothed, his coat resting at his side. The phone rings. Frank wakes up and grabs his cell-phone from the table. Answers it.]

LARA'S PHONE VOICE: It's all right. It's all right, Frank. There's no need to doubt – they're right. The things I've seen – oh! – the things, the things they show me? The secrets you will learn.

[Lara hangs up.]

FRANK: Lara?! Lara?!!

[Annoyed, Frank hangs up and puts the phone down. He puts his coat on and lies back down on his bed. Waiting. He turns the radio-clock to face him. It's 4.12 AM. Suddenly, a low rumble is heard. It quickly grows to a gentle roar. An earthquake. It's 4.13 AM. Frank sits in bed watching as the room begins to rock. A painting falls off the wall and the sound of smashing plates can be heard elsewhere. The bedroom continues to rock wilder as Frank gets out of bed and heads for the bedroom doorway. Hallway – night. At the doorway, Frank looks out down the hallway. Lights flicker all along the walls. rumbling. Large cracks snap across the house's walls. Steam escapes from the radiator, as a bookcase falls to the floor. Sounds of smashing. Then, silence. A car alarm sounding outside. Frank looks around hesitantly, knowing what to expect. He's right, a second aftershock rocks the room and then dies.]

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