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Satanic, Infernal Names and Definitions

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Satanic, Infernal Names and Definitions

The Four Crown Princes of Hell


(Hebrew) an opponent, arch-enemy of good, adversary, to attack, accuse, Lord of Fire, the South

(Satan is not used in the New Testament), instead “Devil” is used (Greek – singular) – a traducer, false accuser, slanderer, supernatural spirit of a bad nature


(Roman) Brings false light, enlightenment, the air, the East, (Hebrew) the morning star, from the root word to be clear in the sense of brightness, to shine, hence to make a show, to boast, to glory, and thus to be foolish, to rave, be mad, give in marriage

BELIAL (Earth Aspect)

(Hebrew) without profit, worthlessness, destruction, wickedness, evil, naughty, ungodly, wicked, from root words meaning failure to ascend, not valuable, useless, nothing or destruction, without a master, baseness of earth, independence, the North

LEVIATHAN (System Aspect)

(Hebrew) a wreathed animal, i.e. a serpent, sea monster, the constellation of the dragon, also a symbol of Babylon, mourning

~ ~ the serpent out of the deeps, the sea, the dragon in control of the deep, the sea of religious humanity ~ ~

Aspects Area of Workings of Powers


Spiritual torment, spiritual control Mind torment


Promoter & author of doubt, lies, deception Soul & emotional torment and control


Instigator of physical, fleshly lusts, self-will, Bodily and fleshly appetite control

rebellion against Elohim (God)


Power of sickness control, promoter of death Religious system control

through doctrine of death, pollutes water of life

Infernal (Hell) Names And Definitions

Note: Listed here are some of the demoniac names, some of which were actually in the Bible until translators substituted them with other words. Also a few of these Satanic names are listed which are recognized by religions of other nations; especially listed here for assistance of those who eventually will be missionaries to other countries of the world. Remember, the idea of these spirits ruling is when no one exercises God’s authority.

ABADDON - (Hebrew) Destroyer

APPOLLYON - (Greek) Synonym for Satan or Destroyer, the arch fiend

AZAZEL - (Hebrew) Taken from the word scapegoat, used in Leviticus 16:8,10,26. The goat symbolizes the devil, which God ladens with sins of the people and sends him away from us. Later worshippers of Satan called him a god thus developing the goat as Satan’s symbol and deceiving people therewith.

BAALAM - (Hebrew) devil of avarice and greed

BEELZEBUB - (Hebrew) Lord of flies (maggots; torment), (Greek) Chief of evil spirits, dung-god or of the dung beetle

BILE’ - (Celtic, Scotland, Ireland, Welsh) God of Hell

CIMERIES - Rides a black horse and rules Africa

DAMBALLA or LAH – (Afro/Caribbean) Voodoo serpent god, creator

EURONYMOUS - (Greek) Prince of death

LILITH - (Hebrew) Female devil who hates children, found in Isaiah 34:14, but translated in the Authorized Version (King James) as “screech owl.” Remember, in Jewish beliefs, demons are accepted as spirits of the wicked dead.

MAMMON - (Aramaic) God of wealth and profit

MEPHISTOPHELES - (Greek) He who shuns light

NIJA - (Polish) God of the underworld

PAN - (Greek) God of lust

T’AN MO – (Chinese) Counterpart to the devil, covetousness, desire

THOTH – (Egyptian) God of magic

YEN-LO-WANG – (Chinese) Ruler of hell-powers

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Whilst not wishing to seem to have indepth knowledge of Hell (though I did work in a Petrol Station when I was a student and that was as near as you can get) did this come from Anton Szandor LaVey's "Satanic Bible"? For those not in the know, LaVey pretty much gave birth to the modern Satanic revival (and just to confuse you further, LaVey's Satanists do not actually believe Satan exists) and he did this by virtually creating from scratch a belief system based on demons to be found in the old grimoires which he then shaped along Wiccan themes.

I certainly haven't been to Hell (and I'm not planning on staying) but I would guess LaVey would be the last person on Earth to describe it accurately.

Interesting read mind :thumbsup:


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The thing that everyone needs to remember is that it's all spirit. They are all spirits, and their areas of operation and power are in the the spirit realm in the spirits of men. This is all spiritually received and discerned, and I can assure you, it is not the "gospel according to Darlene." These, and more, are the spirits, by name, that Jesus spoke to when delivering people from their bondages.

The evil exists, but the strength of it's power is according to the level of submission and ignorance of the individuals. That's why we are told to study to show ourselves approved. The one important thing we all must remember is we do not have the authority to rebuke (give direction) the adversary, whatever the name, we are only to resist the adversary, and he will flee. Jesus said this. Some confessed Christians walk around doing nothing but rebuking, and then have no victory in their life. Well dah.

Hell is not a place, just as Heaven is not a place, not in the flesh. It is a level, or elevation, in the spirit, and, there are "principalities and powers in the heavenlies." King David said, "If I make my bed in Hell, thou art there." It's where WE choose to make our own bed.

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Guest Seraphim

If you want an excellent source of "demons", I would recommend Gustav Davidson's A Dictionary of Angels. It lists entities that were regarded as angelic or Demonic is Arahamic, Occult, and similar circles.

My issue with namwed demons is that many came from sources that were quite different from what people realize. While legends existed amongst the Jews, the Tanakh regarded Gods and Demons other than YHWH to be simply creations of humanity and non-existent. There was no Satan in the sense that we think of today. God was all powerful and did not struggle against any evil force. Evil was simply ignorance of the Law and refusal to submit to the will of God. In a similar vein was the lack of a true afterlife in the Jewish scripture. Sheol/Hades was a term for death, with one's good name and descendants being their path to a semblance of immortality.

Satan: Satan (ha-satan) was a name associated with a heavenly being who was a countermeasure to YHWH and can be regarded almost as Heaven's prosecuting attorney. He would seek out and condemn sin.

Lucifer: The mention of Lucifer in the Isaiah is not present in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) or Septuagint (Greek Old Testament). It is the horribly translated King James Version that associates Lucifer with the devil in that passage. Lucifer is used in a Latin translation, but is simply a term for Venus, the morning star. It is likely that this error resulted from an attempted exegesis of the Hebrew text via Christian ones. The passage was traditionally suggested to be about Nebuchadnezzar.

Leviathan: This creature was a Jewish version of the Mesopotamian Tiamat. It represents the primordial chaos from before the creation of the world. Baal/Marduk slew Tiamat and from her remains created the earth and the heavens. The Genesis/Bereshit stories of the creation and the deluge are obviously borrowed from the Mesopotamian Enuma Elish and Sha Naqba Imuru, respectively.

Abaddon and Apollyon: These two are usually regarded as the same entity. He is as often an angel (Guardian of the abyss) as he is a demon.

The best sources for Abrahamic demons are Jewish Pseudepigraphal texts. Azazel, for example, is described in 1 Enoch as one of the Grigori/Watchers who fathered the Nephilim. He also appears a few times in the Apocalypse of Abraham. Ultimately, most Hebraic demons in the Tanakh are simply Gods of neighboring countries. Many of whom are not at all evil in those religions. I would definitely not classify Thoth as a demon, but as being comparable to the angel Raziel (Rezial).

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Fascinating reading guys. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I have to say I haven't delved into this with the degree of care and attention that you folk have but I do remember reading a fascinating book on Demonology (the name of it escapes me) that iterated many of the points that Seraphim makes. It seems fairly certain that many demonic entities arrived at this unfortunate designation merely as a result of a misunderstanding of the function that that entity served or as a result of a poor translation of their designation (as in Lucifer).

You two do make me feel terribly naive in respect of subjects like these and it is probably time I read a little more on the subject.


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Guest Seraphim

I am employed in the field of Religious Studies so knowing these things is rather helpful, if not essential. :ouro: It is a nice feeling to be able to share the knowledge one has obtained. This is further encouraged by the fact that I like to ramble on about subjects which I feel passionate. :sweat: <--- I like this seemingly anime inspired emoticon.

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