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"the Thin White Line" Screen Captures Up

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Screen captures from "The Thin White Line" are now up; the shots turned out well, and I hope you enjoy them. Here's the website address to access them:


As a side note, that is the best damn interrogation scene I've ever seen on TV. :smokin:

I'll leave you with this:


"Are you staring at me? Huh? Why are you staring at me? Is it because of my BAD HAIR? It was the style of the time, don't blame me for it! Gosh! Go away!"



"I bet you had an afro too, huh? You DISCO DANCER!"


"Of course not. I'm the cool, detached type. No Parisian lounge suits for me."


"Uh huh. DENIAL! I'm seeing your pasty little ass skedaddling around in a nice new pink suit, rocking the casbah with everyone else."


"Excuse me, but "Rock The Casbah" didn't come out until 1982, after disco had lost its popularity."


"Oh, I'm sorry that I didn't get the disco terminology right. You closet "Grease" fan, who wishes that he could swing his hips like John Travolta!"


Grease is the word

(Grease is the word

Is the word that you heard)

It's got a groove

It's got a meanin'

Oh grease is the time

Is the place

Is the motion

Grease is the way we are feelin'

Thank you to "Grease" for that memorable moment from 1977. :devil01:

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