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JOEL 2:29


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Eyjafjallajokull,an Icelandic volcano, dormant for 200 years, has erupted, ripping a 1km-long fissure in a field of ice.

Icelandic airspace has been closed, flights diverted and roads closed. The eruption was about 120km (75 miles) east of the capital, Reykjavik.

Thousands of people they remained without possibility of returning to their countries for many days.

Even the experts ones they said that it could influence in the world's climate.

Well, I posted some weeks ago about the HAARP project. I think everybody leaves there their opinion.

I want to open a new topic now; prophecies. :oneeyedwinK

Lifetime, our world it experienced changes, disasters and catastrophes. We know it. But now, we are living a lot of this things at the same time and they seems to obey just like an strange and abnormal continuity.

In Joel 2:29, we can read:

Even on my servants, both men and women,

I will pour out my Spirit in those days

I will show wonders in the heaven

and on the earth,

blood and fire and billows of smoke

The sun will be turned to darkness

and the moon to blood

before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord

Well, I don't want to say that we must to believe every Joel's word out of hand. But it's an interesting experiment to explain what's our point of view about it.

We're living only a result of our abuse with the earth?

We're living the latest times?

We're living the result of an strange experiment, just as HAARP or similar?

It's only a logical cycle that will end up soon?

Waht do you think? You choose the scientific theory? the religious? conspiracies? or you prefer to be an optimistic one?

We all are Shepherds


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Hi TheAngel,

Prophecies, such as the one your shared, are, IMHO, Rorschach's Inkblots. A prophecy which reads thus.....

"The Eyjafjallajökull volcano will erupt on the 23rd April 2010 and as a result, air travel will be severely disrupted for many days"

....is a prophecy I would have to concur should be taken seriously. If, on the other hand, the prophecy reads.....

"And the great tumulus will spew forth its bile and the angels will cower on the ground and so on...."

....then I think it probably could relate to recent events as to a great many other events that have happened or will happen in the future.

I know I saw a fantastic documentary about Nostradamus and I have to say some of the interpretations of the quatrains were so discombobulate that they made the cryptic clues in ITV's 3.2.1. look logical (the Brits will get the analogy).

I'm not coming down wholly on the side of The Owls in this instance, I'm far too open minded for that, but I do think that when it comes to prophecy, the devil is in the detail and all too often detail is exactly the things that is lacking from such things.

So if I'm forced to make a choice on the subject, I'm Scully in this instance not Mulder I'm afraid.

Interesting topic and thanks for getting it going. :thumbsup:




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