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Not so new Millennium book - rip off warning

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I just found about this via the Image Search feature on our Millennium Home Page, which if you don't know is a home page that you can set in your browser with a Millenniumistic feel or just use it whenever you like.

There is a new Millennium book showing up in the default search results (here's a full link), which Wikipedia say is apparently a rip off. Someone has downloaded the Millennium related Wikipedia articles and is selling them for a rip off $70 price tag on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc.

You can read more about it here. Avoid the book like the Marburg virus!

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I'm heading towards my cabin in the woods, ASAP!

This is just outrageous. And to have the audacity to have the price so high to boot...ouch.

But can't people comment/review the book over at amazon and tell people it's fake.

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Ridiculous, is it not? I came across two books on the X-Files just last week: "The X-Files" and "Mythology of the X-Files" by Alphascript Publishing.

What the hell are these?! "With high quality content by wikipedia articles"?

From their site:

Nearly all media worldwide – such as newspapers, magazines, TV – use internet for their researches and as a basis for their texts. This is exactly what Alphascript publishing does. And we go even further: with the Wikipedia-texts at free disposal we create books on interesting topics.

There is hardly another platform for quick and better processing of information than by Wikipedia – and this is too for the benefit of the Alphascript publishing-readers who want to be informed on a specific subject. Of course you can have online everything free of charge, but for good reason you have decided for a book. Alphascript publishing is internet in form of a book. There can hardly be a faster process.

Somebody sue them! Nobody is supposed to make profit from Wikipedia articles, especially since they didn't even write them!

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I'm off to my cabin too Josef. It is outrageous what people will do for a profit, and such a high one. :verymad: Before writing it you would think they'd have enough sense to know that they actually could be sued, or maybe they think they're untouchable. I hope someone can do something.

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Simply astonishing isn't it. I have a small degree of begrudging respect for the collators of the X-Files material for at least stating what it is: Wikipedia printed out.

I can only hope that no-one would contemplate spending $70.00 on a 176 page book whatever the topic.

It's simply not on is it. :angryred:




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